Ye Species of Short Arms; T-Rex vs Squirrels CotT

Was worried about my base-level, undercovered Dino, but said 4/2/3 lvl 70 Dino pulled it off on the first try. She was aided significantly by somehow being able to hold Taskmaster's Sword despite having such short arms and no opposable thumbs.

Focus on green and purple and enjoy the fact that Doreen is woefully unprepared to put up much of a fight.

FanFave LLT gave me an underwhelming MEHulk champ level, however that champ level gave me a "normal" LLT champ reward which yielded a Prof$ blue.


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    Chomp Bite Bite X-Force Wolvie champ level.
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    She fired her yellow once...and immediately matched two of the three shield tiles the following turn.  She also fired her purple once, but the biggest challenge this game was collecting enough red to win with that chomp instead of the green one.  Dino's gained almost 200 levels for me since the first time this Crash rolled around...and Dino won back then, too.

    The LT was someone utterly forgettable.
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