Blinded by the light: COT: Jubilee vs Dazzler

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I have often had trouble getting Jubes "Heart of the team" to do anything but it turns out that one on one is the perfect place. My 209 Jubes 4/5/4 was slugging it out with my namesake but once I got purple and green it was game over. Is Jubilee better than I thought she was? I am not sure but Dazzler seems to be less effective than I imagined. The interesting thing about this is that these two are my next choices for champing and I still haven't come away with a decision. Hmm.


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    One on one is a really good place for Jubilee to be. She wants to be the underdog up until she can finish with one turn of powers, and against multiple opponents, that's pretty hard to pull off. It also helps that Jubilee isn't relying on Special tiles, so there's nothing for Dazzler to remove, just the stun. And the turns spent stunned usually grind Jubilee down to the point where Heart of the Team kicks in again.
    I think Dazzler is the better character of the two overall, but this def increased my respect for Jubilee. It's just unfortunate that her niche is so uncommon.
    Token was an Eddie Brock champ level.
    As a side note, I had some Jubilee Damage boosts left, so I used a stack of those for the Crash, and then forgot to take them off and used up all the rest on final clears of easy nodes :(
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    I was surprised to win this on my first attempt with a level 100 5/5/3 Jubilee. Heart of the Team really packed on the damage, even at that low level. Dazzler just wasn't having a good day, and didn't manage to cast a single active. My level 100 Chewie helped out a fair bit too. My reward was... I don't know, haven't opened it yet! I'll update with that information tomorrow. 
    EDIT: Well, the reward was a sixth saved cover for Mordo. 
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