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cgrubb80cgrubb80 Posts: 94 Match Maker
I am at the point where I have 5 three stars built to 266 and two of these have 13 covers.  I was wondering what other players do with your duplicates. Do you cash in the 3* covers, keeps the 266 3* and rebuild them (using needed ISO), or sell the 266 and rebuild them?


  • Beerman63Beerman63 Posts: 64 Match Maker
    Good question, I am actually wondering about that too (luckily still far away from getting to lv 266 though).
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,237 Chairperson of the Boards
    I build dupes of the important/meta characters and keep the original 266 also.

    For everybody else it depends - if a character has had it's PvP I might consider selling the 266 copy (I just did this with Human Torch) once I have a 13+ covered character I can champ - I want the LT so I don't champ if they aren't fully covered with saved covers.

    If I don't feel like spending HP for slots (like now with Anniversary coming) I'll just get the iso - I did this with Daken and Gambit covers just this weekend.
  • WarbringaWarbringa Posts: 1,155 Chairperson of the Boards
    I keep all 266 3* and build dupes but I have the extra iso and HP to do so. I really just view it as an iso bank.  If I really get into an iso crunch, I could basically sell all those 266 3* and gain a ton of iso  and roster slots, but otherwise I don't really have a need to sell them in my situation, so I keep them.  There is no superior choice as it simply depends on each player's roster, resources and preferences.
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