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Iron Man (MCU) (or Mark 85) - 5 star
Black - No More Surprises -
Tony match damage is boosted by 40-120%.

If Iron Man has less than 40% health power becomes and stays:
And I... am... Iron Man! - 9 AP
Iron Man uses what he has left for one last assault on the enemy. Damage IM for 30% total health and do (very strong damage) plus extra damage for every friendly SAP tile on the board to enemy team.

Purple - AI Inteface- 5 AP
Iron-Man's armor is constantly adjusting to Tony's needs. F.R.I.D.A.Y. analyzes the battle and comes up with a strategic plan.  Place a CD on a basic or special tile. While CD is out, lower effectiveness of enemy SAP tiles by %. 

(passive) Iron-Man can reallocate power at a moments notice. Matching away friendly or enemy repeaters gains 2 ap in team's second strongest color. Matching away all other special tiles gains 1 ap in second strongest color. 

Yellow - Whatever it Takes - 6 AP
Iron Man's armor constantly repairing itself. Create a 2 turn repeater that adds a protect tile of strength XXX.

Iron-Man sees that there is immediate danger. He takes charge and is resolve to prevent an immediate threat. While there are more enemy SAP tiles out, Tony takes the lead. He can not be stunned and suffers 10-35% less damage.


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    some basic commentary. 
    1. I kind of wanted a hero that started out strong and got less strong. The idea is when IM reaches 50% he doesn't match as well. But he's not without one last hit.

    2. Tony isn't Iron Man without the help of his AI. It helps him navigate the dangers of the battle field. In this case it helps him avoid damage and get through enemies defenses. Which is represented by lowering the effectiveness of SAP tiles. 

    3. The other aspect of his AI and Armor that is rarely shown in game is that the AI and Tony work together to provide power and support where needed. If Tony needs more boosting, AI sends power there. His armor will rebuild itself, etc. Power is allocated as needed.

    4. I like Yellow the most I think. Its an aspect of Tony that is core to his ego and hero status. From the first film in the MCU, he is always putting himself right in the middle of danger, willing to die to save the world or his friends. He even built a HULK fighting armor to wear when someone has to stop the Hulk. That someone being him. He grabs a nuke and rushes it away from NYC to wormhole. He chases after Thanos without hesitation.  Additionally with this passive component he will be a great counter to GRITTYSHIP. 

    5. and ultimately he is an anti-thor. His match damage is strong when he is at full energy. He's hitting harder. When he goes below % that's when he only has one last trick.

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    I feel like he's still pretty much a strong anti-Bishop at 5 tier.
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