TP9 Weekend Challenge 8/9/19 -- Building for Haste

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The Weekend Playground Challenge in the TP9 alliance is how to incorporate cards for haste situations in all deck building. This is one of the basic corner stones that should be applied to all PvP decks, so with the renewed debate about Naru with haste, we thought it would be a great time to use the power of group think and discuss how even at the lower levels we should be ensuring our decks have safeguards for this. A haste card with 3 power can kill us as easily as a 200/200 Naru can, this is why building against haste has always been considered (for mentors) to be an auto include in a well balanced deck. 

Here are some starter ideas --

Flash cards -- Bedevil, Murder (Red and Black) 

More to be added through the weekend. 


  • Mburn7
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    Gotta ask, in what universe is a 3/3 haste equally dangerous as a 200/200 haste?
    Even with that bug that starts you at 10 health you have 3 turns to answer it or win.
    You're stretching so much to defend a poor design it almost looks like you're getting paid to defend it (which I know you are not, just saying)

    As for the challenge, there are 3 ways to stop a hasty thing killing you.

    Murder/Bedevil/Instant speed shenanigans
    Vigilance/Defender/Reach creatures.

    I usually run a blocker of some kind in coalition events in case of GR.  It will technically work for Naru as well, albeit only for one turn.