Hard crash during Role Reversal event

TheDude1TheDude1 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
Greg had a High Alert on the board, a 1/1 goblin and a Dowsing Dagger to pump the goblin up to 3/2.  I cast a Cry of the Carnarium to give Greg's goblin -2/-2 and kill it.  When it went to give the creature -2/-2, the animation took place, but the -2 did not display on the creatures power/toughness, and instead the game froze with the little white flash in the middle of the screen.  It hung there for about 20 seconds, then completely crashed out of the app.

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy8 with newest Android.

EDIT: Just had it happen again in the same event, only this time when I had the goblin out and Greg cast Cry of the Carnarium.


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    Do you recall if this was a specific Creature or was this a Goblin Token? 
  • TheDude1TheDude1 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    Both cases were a goblin token
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    Something similar happened to me this morning in Rising Tensions, so it's not related to the Role Reversal event.
    I was running Lily 4, had Ob Nix's Vanguard in play and targeted an x2 stack of Greg's saproling tokens with "Ob Nix's Cruelty", reducing them to -2/-2 and exiling the stack.
    The same animation occurred as described by TheDude1 above, then a hard crash to launcher.
    Android Oreo on Moto X4 with more than enough resources for the app

  • TheDude1TheDude1 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    A new wrinkle to this:

    Role Reversal event, Greg cast Cry of the Carnarium while I had an unbuffed 2/2 Goblin Electromancer on the board.  The effect caused a soft lock with the spinny fire in the middle of the screen, but LPS kicked in.  Once the timer counted down, around 15-20 seconds later the Goblin Electromancer was formally killed off (taken off the screen and listed as destroyed in the battle log) but the spinny fire remained and no other action happened.  I was able to quit through the pause screen; the app did not crash/close.
  • ZzyzzxZzyzzx Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    Yes of course I was compelled to try this again.
    This time I was deliberately attempting to "break" the game in Role Reversal.

    Several attempts with Cry of the Carnarium and the Kaya Vanguard (exile and heal X) neither soft-locked nor kicked me out to the launcher.

    However, sometime during lunch I used Ugin's 3rd ability to fill my hand and it happened.
    Note: I had stopped paying close attention by then, feeling like the issue was resolved.

    When I dumped a bunch of spells on the board, one of them "most likely" Cry of the Carnarium,  it was the only exile flavor of card I had.  Nessa IV had a stack of green forest tokens, a 20/3 or something like that.  I then got up to throw some things in the garbage, when I sat back down at my desk my phone was on the Launcher...so yeah this is still a nuisance.

    There wasn't anything particularly unique about this match other than it was rather long.  She kept popping the Nessa Vanguard and creating her own tokens to smash into my blocking sphinxes so it took a bit longer than usual.
    There were a handful of activated gems in play, maybe even an adapt gem or 2, and both of us had the Nessa vanguard in play and the 5-colored Niv Mizzet.
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