Ashiok, Dream Render: Worth using?

So Ashiok, Dream Render *seems* like a smart Vanguard to use—11 mana to make opponents discard anything they Fetch.  I use lots of fetch effects, esp. since so many PWs are part Blue.  But the Battle summary doesn’t tell you when Ashiok forces a discard, it just says it activates after you cast it.  And I’m not sure if the AI just avoids using fetch effects vs Ashiok, or if people and AI opponents alike just aren’t using Pyromancer’s Goggles, Chord of Calling, or even Talent of the Telepath in their decks.  

Bottom line, I have no clear idea how much Ashiok has, or hasn’t helped me after a battle.  Any thoughts?


  • Nyarlathotep
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    I dont have Ashiok just yet. And with my luck at the vanguard lottery, that probably won't change anytime soon.
    But i bought the new Fblthp PW and that one came with the Fblthp card. 
    Not exactly the same effect, but i saw Talent fetch a Fblthp. I saw Brokhan hit his ultimate ability and he really dared to threaten me with three Fblthps. 
    And in our group of coalitions, a lot of ppl love to use the Ashiok Vanguard.
    I would go as far and say of the available vanguards, this one and narset are the only vanguards  worth going for, are reasonably fast to get and that way should be on everyones wanted list.

  • YogoDagorah
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    Thanks for the info!  So Sarkhan’s Loyalty ability was able to work around Ashiok?  That jibes with my own experience.  In the Revolt Against the Consulate event, I noticed that the Planar Bridge “pw” was able to Fetch an Etali out of my deck and use it against me, all with Ashiok on the board.  But I also noticed that it never actually cast the spell Planar Bridge against me in a looooong battle.  So maybe Loyalty abilities can ignore Ashiok, but maybe regular card effects can’t.  

    I appreciate you filling me in.  I’m also impressed that you typed out Fblthp 3 times w/o screwing up the spelling, which is better than I can do.
  • Nyarlathotep
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    As soon as i get it (Ashiok, that is) i will go ahead and further test it against aall possible opponents. 
    And thanks for the kind words. 
    Take a look at my name. That small lovely trolling dude is basically part of my family.  
    Spelling included. 
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    I've been having a lot of fun with Ashiok, Mnemonic Betrayal, and Finale of Eternity.

    The passive ability seems to work most of the time. Blue decks seem really weak when Ashiok's eating their thoughts... but yeah, I can second that I can't confirm anything in the battlelogs.

    Ash's -1 works well with the automatic "bring to the battlefield" cards like Starfield or with Karn's return to hand. I really want to try it with Treasury Thrull and Tezzeret, Mot Bridge (but I have to wait for him to come around again).

    It's a rogue deck, yes, and that's what I love, but it's almost strong enough to be relied on in Trial of the Planes... even against the graveyard-loving decks.