COTT - Kids in America: Nico vs Kate Bishop

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On the face of it, this one looked quite tricky as Nico has no direct damage dealing powers and Kate is a wrecking ball. However, to my surprise my champed Nico (not sure of her level at time of typing but wanna say 278) strolled it. She got hit with an early Kate black but as soon as I was able to get the specials out on the board the buff train started rolling and pretty much steamed right over Kate, Nico has around 9k health left and considering her shields don't work on herself that is pretty impressive. I got one heal out but it wasn't required. Chalk this one up as a surprise easy win.

Characters who buff, definitely not OP, eh? ;)


  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,803 Chairperson of the Boards
    Similar story, except I got hit by a blue. Got some purple early, got the buff train going, and then got enough blue for that right about as she dropped her purple, so I was able to stun her and just run it out with the Attack tiles.
    Is there any particular reason for these two? I'm not hugely familiar with either character, except for a couple of specific arcs, so I don't know if they've clashed at some point. Or is it just a matter of the colour overlap, and Kate's blue possibly countering Nico's yellow?
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    Level 147 5/4/4 Nico here. I managed it on the first try, but it was *close*. I was down to 232 health by the end of it. Chewie helped as usual, and even though Nico's buff is pretty small, it does add up over time. My reward was a purple cover for Nico! I think that's one of the first time's the Crash's reward has rewarded me with the cover of the character used in the fight. "I have learned from this battle!" 
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    The first time was going smoothly until a large blue cascade allowed Kate to fire black and blue in a single turn for the win.  The second time went much better.  It was an uneventful game where I waited out some buffed attack/strike tiles while keeping Kate stunned and doing solid true heals from time to time.

    The LT gave me a yellow Peggy.  Through the magic of RNG, I’ve had 2 straight Peggy LL pulls.
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