How About a Coalition vs Coalition Event?

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Hi all,

For some time now, I’ve felt that coalition fighting coalitions is a thing missing from MTGPQ. That is why I’ve been thinking about my dream Coalition vs Coalition event and came out with a possible way to fulfill this gap. I must admit that it is inspired by what I have experienced in others RPGs.

This event would span on 30 days, and broken down into 24 hours cycles that could start at daily reward reset time. The goal is for a coalition to battle all members of another coalition.

Prior to the beginning of the event, coalition members could have 24-48 hours to enroll one Plane Walker with one defending deck. This deck and this PW will be on for the whole 30 days or can be changed at anytime but the change would be effective for the next 24 hours cycle.

Each member of the coalition must choose to fight one PW of the other coalition (mostly based on a hunch). They can use any PW and deck they feel like. There is only one attempt per member. A win gives 1 point a loss 0. So every cycle can give a potential 20 point score. Once a PW is defeated it cannot be fought again within the same 24-hour cycle. The total accrued score since the beginning of the event could be used to do the coalition vs coalition matchmaking, thus making battles against coalitions of equivalent level (making them tougher for the higher spots!).

To spice things up a little, the coalition leader would have 2 extra attempts to give to any member so that there are two more chance to win more matched. Anyway the score is capped at 20 points. That would also require team communication about the composition of a defending deck that would not have been defeated and decision making on the part of the leader to chose which member would be the best fit to defeat this deck.

Regarding the case of guild with less than 20 players, each missing player will give 1 point to the opposing coalition and the opposing coalition would still get 20 attempts (1 per player).

Then at the end of the 30 days, there will be a coalition ranking with rewards that you see fit. Maybe the top coalition could get a trophy giving perks for the next event, such as extra team attempts, reanimation (if PW life reaches 0, the PW life is back to full life for an extra turn then dies if the opponent is not defeated, or mana bonuses are increased for 1 turn after 4 turns, etc)

I think that such a concept could give more sense to coalition esprit de corps and add more fun and dynamic to the game without taking too much time from players.


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