Choose to PvP with specific friends

Im surprised theres not a way to choose a friend/coalition member and battle them. Kind of like training ground but no rewards. Although making a bet for gold mana crystals as an option would be cool.


  • Kinesia
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    One way I was thinking that might be possible to implement this is like the old "play by mail" games... You could send an "invite" to a particular coalition member with a specific deck and walker attached and if they played it (choice of course) it would send information back about what happened. It's about as close to playing people as I think is possible within this framework.
  • Mburn7
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    Good News!!  Looks like this feature is coming to MTGPQ!  I mean, it'll be a while, but still!
  • LordDorwin
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    I wouldn't mind that option at all!

    And what about playing yourself, to see how the computer opponent handles your deck?
    (I'm guessing that the answer would be "badly")
  • ucmtgktp
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    This would be a great option!  +1