To spend or save... Taco tokens.

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Hi there! So, I'm not too sure what the best use of taco tokens is. Since they came out I've waffled between saving and spending them. I've mostly spent mine and got some useful stuff out of it. Now, I'm saving all my savoury ones and spending the sweet ones. I'm sitting on somewhere between 100-110 of them and getting an itchy trigger finger. Should I keep saving until I hit 300 for max lulz? Or should I take the risk and pop em until I get the 4 stars/Ltoken each week?

I'm at the point where I don't really have a lot of covered 4 stars. IWs sitting at lvl 138, Wolvie's maxed at 94, I've got Carnage with 5 black covers somehow, and the other (9?) 4 stars I've got at this point only have 1-3 covers each IIRC. The majority of my 3 stars are between 130-150 right now. The good ones are sitting at 150 and I've been levelling the others as they're boosted for PVE, which is where I do most of my playing. I don't spend a lot of cash on HP, and when I get HP it almost always goes to roster space.

With the announcement of Champions I've been stockpiling tokens and covers as well.


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    Tacos are the best source of health packs. Save them for when you need some during the pve grind/pvp climb.

    Standard and Heroic tokens I open as I get them. I'm going to start hoarding Legendary tokens now as I don't see when I'll be able to max 4* anytime soon. This will avoid the dupes that would of gotten sold for 1000 iso.
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    With Championing now, I'll be opening mine whenever there is a favorable amount of good 3* characters in it since those are worth something to me now. The current one has no-one I have max leveled & champed so I'll wait.
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    It was 111, I decided to open them. I champed most of my two stars, because it seems like you get more ISO back in the long run. Ended up getting one legendary token, 2 IW covers, one Cho, one 4* cyke, about 6-10 3 stars that I mostly didn't need, 750(?) hp, about 20k ISO give or take, a bunch of 2 stars and now I have 80+ health packs. Whoops.

    I also noticed if you're not using the current vault, it randomizes it every single pull. Didn't figure that out until I started getting rarer draws. Oh well. I'm actually somewhat satisfied. Woulda liked some ice man covers! or even fury for today's DDQ, but what are ya gonna do?
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    I've been saving my Taco Tokens for quite a while now. I currently have 76 for the Savory vault and 140 for the Sweet Vault. While I did, clearly, spend a bunch of my Savory tokens a few months ago, I'm currently saving both varieties until I have 300 and then I'll buy the entire matching vault. Saving like this is more difficult somedays than others but I have the willpower for it.

    I also saving my Standard tokens until I have 50. Then I open them until I pull a 3* or run out of tokens. I know it doesn't change my odds since the Standard pulls are more random but it sure is a pleasure to open token after token. icon_e_biggrin.gif
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    Seems like it depends on where you're at in the game.

    A 2* transitioner at any stage should open them, so long as you have available roster slots. If you get a 2*. champ 'em or sell. 3* rewards, add to current, recruit, or agonize over who to sell off.

    Early 3* - cash 'em in if you have roster slots.

    Late 3* (ie, have several unchampioned but fully covered people) - hold on to them until you've got enough Iso to level up.

    3* transition - hold until the vault has the 4* you want, then spend until you get it. Retain the rest.

    My advice is all purely theoretical. I've spent my Deadpool tokens immediately since inception. I'm just recently getting to the point where I would consider holding on to them, but with many championed 3*'s I think I'll keep cashing them out. There's one or two slots in the Daily where I have more than one character who's fully covered but short on levels, so I may hoard in those phases. But anytime I'm 80% likely to get a champ+ (or better) I'm gonna take it.
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    I'm in the 3-->4 transition. I've got 200ish in each vault. I keep thinking I'm gonna hold out to 300 in each just for the heck of it but I might start testing my luck bc I want those 4s
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    If you are aiming for the top 3 tokens in the vault ( token_legendary.png and the two four stars), there is some maths in there, although I can't find the post.

    the initial draw of a 300 content vault has a 3/300=1% chance of getting the top three rewards. Every time you fail to get any of the three, your chance goes up (3/299, 3/298, etc). The moment you draw one of the three, your chance drops again. So ideally the strategy here is to wait for a vault that contains both 4*s that you need, and start drawing until you get any of the three, at which point you stop opening and start saving again. I think someone did the math and said the ideal amount of tokens needed to start this is 100.

    Does not apply if you are not aiming for the top 3 tokens.
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    I am going for 290+ in each cause that way if I don't get all I want I buy the slots remaining with all  the HP ;)
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    Um. This post was like three years old. Usually best not to add to threads that have been dormant that long.
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    Um. This post was like three years old. Usually best not to add to threads that have been dormant that long.
    I'm impressed that a thread that old got necroed randomly like this!
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    DAZ0273 said:
    Um. This post was like three years old. Usually best not to add to threads that have been dormant that long.
    I'm impressed that a thread that old got necroed randomly like this!
    TBH, I find myself asking myself that question every week.
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    🌮 has health pack in vault. I pull 🌮 only when I burned my health packs, which means I played a lot 😎
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