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Helli guys i just would like to know where put my effort and what I should do in next. Currently I'm farming 2* and finished cramped all 3 * . All 4* are rooster apart if Shuri. I champed only few of my 4 * as I had a covers Medusa Carnage Gamora Carol Groket lv 229 with two covers missing. I have some 5* rooster and kitty with 6 covers of 345 but I'm not sure if I did right thing to level her up ? Can you please tell me what I should do now  ? 


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    It's hard to advise specifics without being able to view your roster. You can use Gamependium (link in my sig below) to post your roster here and it would be easier to help you. But in general, just keep doing what you're doing - champing 4-stars as they become fully covered. Champing all your 3-stars is great progress!

    As far as leveling your Kitty, I think you should be okay as long as you don't go any higher. That's a good soft cap as she'll be in range with your boosted/champed 4-stars.
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    The Galactus Hungers boss event will give you an idea of whether levelling Kitty will punish you as the side nodes scale up roster based, hopefully not.
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    I hope that help and you can give me some advise 


  • NightmarePLNightmarePL Posts: 12 Just Dropped In
    Recently last 3 pvp try get to 40 wins , placement result is different story. I think with my rooster I dont have a chance finish in top 50. Every PVE I play to max points sometime finish top 50 sometimes not. I'm in top 100 alliance what I'm think is big help. In current state I'm not sure what can I do more 
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    You've managed to start your 4-star transition with some of the key meta characters of the tier. Nicely done.

    I don't see anything that stands out from your next 4-stars in line. Bishop and Blade are the best you have decently covered. After that all your fours are in need of some covers.

    Anything you can do to get some Vulture covers, I'd do. He's the IM40 of the tier. You'll also need someone to deal with Kitty/Grocket and Grocket/Gamora/Medusa teams as they'll be starring in a PvP near you very soon (if they aren't already). I recommend Thanos (Endgame) possibly get some love too, as he'll make your life easier.
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    Thanks guys for all your advise. I was thinking finish my groot then maybe start collecting Chavez and try finish bishop and blade. Meantime try concentrating on cover more vulture and thanos what do you think about that plan ?
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