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I can't figure out how to use Plauge Boiler, any ideas?

I was excited to have got a masterpiece from a 120-purple pack and now I'm just annoyed. It was sort of helpful against the event Nicol when he was around but not really worth it; with a once-in-a blue moon 8 damage. If the mechanic was changed to -1/-1 to your creatures and -3/-3 like Cruel Reality had I can see it being used for some control.


  • ZW2007-ZW2007- Posts: 811 Critical Contributor
    Sadly I can only suggest not wasting time trying to find a use for it. The best thing about getting it for 120 is that now you don't have to be disappointed getting it for 400 when chasing a good card.
  • BigSwiftyBigSwifty Posts: 98 Match Maker
    Useful to gain card xp for leveling your profile.
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