Crash of the Titans - Is that Led Zeppelin in the Background? MEH vs Gladiathor

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Took three tries with my LVL 290 Hulk.  The first one, I Gamma bombed Thor down to 332 health, while my Hulk was at about 7K.  True to what happened in Ragnarok, Thor went nuts, cascaded into a crazy amount of AP, and demolished Hulk while near death.

Second fight, Thor just kept getting yellow AP.  He never got off Raging Fire, but managed three Smoldering Fires. before a super charged Asgardian Tactics took Hulk down.

Third fight, I focused on denying yellow.  That did the trick, as a Gamma bomb did enough damage to take him down.

The fight got me my daily reward, which was another LT.  Both are in the hoard now.


  • qandolsqandols Posts: 926 Critical Contributor
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    My first try exactly. Thor is hard to down. Will try again though.
    Heh, had Hulk badly speced. Respeced to 3/5/5 and denied yellow. Took Thor out with first a yellow attack and then a very successful Gamma bomb. LT was a Carnage champ level and a red Magik BH cover to the save. Nice.
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    So this was fun. :smiley:

    I downed Thor in one turn. I took with me the MEH special boost, a blue/purple AP and and all AP boost so started with 4 purple.

    MEH is champed at 276. His Grand Entrance lead to a massive purple match (I think there was a match 7 in there). I had 14 purple after that. One Gamma Powerbomb later and Thor was done. Didn’t move a single tile.

    Token was a Coulson champ level.
  • qandolsqandols Posts: 926 Critical Contributor
    Yeah, so much more fun than my first match where Thor downed me with 376 health left.  :D
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    As seems to be a theme here, my first try saw my 5/5/3 Lvl293 MEHulk hit the dirt with Thor at something like 270 health. He got a handful of Protects out with his yellow that pretty quickly neutralized the damage from the one (Thor had been cascading into all the purple. He had over 20 by the end of the fight.) Gamma Powerbomb I managed. I added a couple purple AP with boosts and went back in again. Focused a bit more on denying yellow, and the board was much more generous with purple, so I got him Powerbombed away pretty quickly that time.
    Token waiting for Rescue.
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    I've got the worst bad beat story of all.

    My 282 ME Hulk has 3K more health than Thor. Figured it would take at most 2 tries if I got a bad board.

    It ended up taking 8! Yeah 8 tries to beat him (draining MY health packs instead of the free ones you regenerate. Which I consider stealing from me but that's another story). It was like Thor had a support that mimicked Domino's power only with Red instead of Black. In every battle he got his Red off at least twice (without getting him to half health) even though I was trying to deny it if Yellow/Purple/Green wasn't available for me.

    In some battles he out right killed Hulk with Red/Green before I even managed to fire a single power (Yellow or Purple). In 2 other battles I dropped Gamma Bomb only to generate ZERO matches leaving all those crits there for him too only now at half health so his cascade wiped me. I hardly ever got a match from Hulk swapping 2 sets of tiles which is very weird given the board ends up filled with Blue/Black which neither of us wanted.

    It was total **** and it makes me think the game needs a 'bad beat' feature.

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    Lady Luck must have decided to be on my side tonight, as I somehow managed it on my first try with a level 188 4/4/5 Hulk. I went in with +2 red/yellow, , +2 blue/purple, and +50% red/yellow match damage. When I finally managed to cast yellow it helped me out a bunch - pretty even split between healing and dealing damage, which kept me alive. I was down to 821 health when I finally managed to land a powerbomb, and that put him down for the count.
    My reward was a red Infinity Spider, which will at least make his next Crash a bit easier (brought him up to 4/2/4).
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    Mine went pretty much the same as everybody else first try and then exactly the same as pretty much everybody else second try. So as that isn't very exciting here is a picture of a cat dressed as Thor:

  • sambrookjmsambrookjm Posts: 1,830 Chairperson of the Boards
    DAZ0273 said:
    Mine went pretty much the same as everybody else first try and then exactly the same as pretty much everybody else second try. So as that isn't very exciting here is a picture of a cat dressed as Thor:

    Your cat is worthy of wielding Meow-lnir!
  • froggerjohnfroggerjohn Posts: 346 Mover and Shaker
    With a 2/4/5 Level 209, I took +2 purple/blue AP, +40% r/y match damage, and +20% all damage.
    The board didn't have much yellow, which on one hand was good for denying that color to Thor, but I never did collect enough of my own.

    Almost lost the fight when I took a vertical match-4, and it spawned a column of 5 yellow! And that spawned another set of yellows. So he not only got a crit and enough yellow for Smoldering Fires, but the cascade lasted another couple of moves. and left MEH on life support.

    Had I not taken the +2 AP boost, the fight would have been lost, but I was one match away from Powerbomb, and Hulk just barely survived the next turn with a few hundred health left. Powerbomb was fortunately enough to down Thor for the LT. (Waiting for next 5e rotation).
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