New player (15 days in) and need direction!

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Current roster:

On the vine: 2* Cpt. America(1 blue, 1 yellow); 3* Hawkeye (Hawkguy - 1 black); 3* Mystique (1 black)

I'm obviously in the 1* to 2* transition phase, but not sure how to proceed. I'm sitting on 29 standard tokens, 1 Team Cap token, 1 Team Iron Man token, 2 Taco Vault: Sweet tokens and 1 Webbed Wonder token. I have one active roster spot open.

I don't want to get a bunch of covers I'm going to have to sell as I'm a F2P player, so I won't be looking to purchase roster spots. 

What's the best way to get 2* covers to start camping them and move into the 3* tier? 

Let me know what other info will be helpful and thanks! 

ETA: I've got most of the prologue completed - working on the final chapter now (got about 12 of the rewards).  Currently complete as much of the Deadpool Daily as I can.


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    I've read through that guide, but I guess my primary question becomes, "At what point do I open my standard tokens?"  I understand holding out on the higher star covers, but what's the best way to get 2* covers to start getting those maxed out and start the championing process?
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    It looks like you're pretty much on the right track. The basic guideline is to not open Tokens if there's a significant likelihood of a cover dropping out that's going to be wasted. Once you get the remaining 4 non-Limited 2* Rostered, you can go ahead on those (and any future) Standards with no real worry. Right now, open them until you get someone you can't Roster, and then stop until you can afford that Roster slot. Maybe also keep one or two Roster slots available for "rotating" in Essentials. For instance, Rocket & Groot are required to unlock some nodes in Webbed Wonder right now, but they're not a 3* that's really vital* to have on your Roster, so after Webbed Wonder is over, you can sell that cover off with no worries.
    I don't remember at what point things unlock, but Progression rewards from Story events will probably be your best source of 2* covers and HP for Roster Slots as soon as you can join those. If you haven't yet, joining an Alliance, even a casual public one, will give you a pretty significant boost in ISO and Tokens as well. Plus, they can give you good Team-ups.
    PvP events can actually be handy here, too, as long as you don't take them too seriously. Jump in as soon as a slice opens, and you'll get some "Seed Teams" that are very beatable with the Loaner and a pair of 1*. Even if you just play the first couple of matches, two wins gives you a Standard Token and some ISO, and the rewards from each fight can include 2* covers, tho it's not terribly common. You can do Lightning Rounds similarly, and enough of those run that they can provide a pretty major boost in your resources at your level by farming them.
    Best of luck, feel free to ask if there's anything I need to explain further or missed, and have fun!
    *The Big Three of the 3* tier are Strange, Thanos, and Iron Man. Do not, under any circumstances, sell off covers for them. Of the other 3* you currently have available, Cyclops, Rocket & Groot, and Hawkguy are good, but can be sold if you really need to, Daredevil is OK, and Mystique is almost never used unless she's required.
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    bsweet0us said:
    ...what's the best way to get 2* covers to start getting those maxed out and start the championing process?
    Play PvP (Vs. Mode): This can be hard for beginning players with 1-star and 2-star rosters, but it's worth investigating and skipping around to see what kind of opponents the game serves up. When events first start, like the second they begin, the event is populated with what is called 'seed teams'. These are AI teams that are very weak and you should be able to defeat them easily. Watch for when a slice (start time) is convenient to you and be there when the event begins. You can get 2-star covers as victory rewards and tokens (that yield 2-star covers) as progression rewards.

    Play PvE (Story Mode): Choose a SCL (SHIELD Clearance Level, which determines difficulty) that is appropriate for your roster. Don't worry if you don't have the required characters for the starting yellow node - the game gives you loaners. You can get 2-star covers as progression rewards (accumulating points in the event). Progression and node victories also award tokens that yield 2-star covers.

    Play DDQ: Sounds like you're into this already.

    Get into an alliance: Join an alliance, if you haven't already. There is a whole second level of rewards for every event after it finishes based on alliance placement. Alliances don't have to place very high to receive 2-star covers and tokens that yield 2-star covers. There are alliances looking for players of all levels. Check them out here.