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Im sure this may have been asked, I did try the search function with no avail, but I’d like to know if anyone has a link or a page where someone has collected the PvE scenes. I try to play competitively and we all know that means speed skip speed.. but as a comic book collector I really would like to know what actually is being written for these events. I’m sure the writers are talented, but I haven’t read or seen a whole story in like 3 years.. so if someone could point me in the direction so I could look at and read all of the PvE stories that would be great.. thanx  :)


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    Yes! I’m joining in the line.
    I searched a while ago, and then chose to save scenes of Webbed Wonder myself. Never tried that again.
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    Once I went looking and found a YouTube video where someone played the Hearts of Darkness event.  (I was looking for the points values for the waves.  I think there were probably better methods to do so.  But I digress.)

    This person read the dialogue aloud in their video (which admittedly included them talking through their play).

    Anyway, maybe there are some other videos out there.
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    Someone did capture the storyboards from a new event (a couple of months ago) and posted a link to an image album on Reddit. They may have posted it here too, but I didn't see it here.

    Almost every competitive player skips the storyboards, even if it's a brand new story, because we're all hungry for as many covers of the newest character we can get. And it's a huge disservice to your writers and artists. And I'm as guilty of skipping as the next guy.

    What if there was a node with no match, that just had all of the storyboards arranged in the order they're supposed to be read. Yeah, I'm looking at you The Hunt, with your non-connected nodes and multiple 1-shot nodes where I end up 4-clearing every node, including all the required nodes, before I finally unlock the third low level node.
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    For the older ones, there is this.

    Sorted by A-Z:

    Sorted by PVE:
    You have to click around a bit on this one, but at least you dont need to know them by name. Whichever PVE you choose always click the "Most recent" one, then dialogues.

    I havent seen the new ones like Cosmic Chaos added yet, but its a good place to start.
    Thank you!!! Heading there now  B)
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