Battle of the planes

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This event is only for legendary players.  Either that or give everyone the one round win cards.  Game has become unplayable.  


  • sjechuasjechua Posts: 173 Tile Toppler
    Mojo said:
    This event is only for legendary players. ...
    👆🏼Yep, that’s what the event “Trial of the Planes” was originally intended for ... welcome to MtG PQ Legacy Legendary level 💪🏼
  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,315 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yeah, Trial of the Planes was designed specifically for long term players to have a place to use their old broken decks without worrying about secondary objectives.  It was also made to be where you can convert crystals into jewels for players who don't need new walkers or booster packs.

    New players should definitely NOT play it.

    That being said, however, it really isn't as bad as some people make it sound.  2 of the 4 decks I run through it haven't been changed in ages (my Kiora deck is 80% Zendikar cards and my Liliana 2 deck is 70% Innistrad stuff).  You just need to alter the way you think of deckbuilding a little (more destruction, bigger creatures)
  • LordDorwinLordDorwin Posts: 78 Match Maker
    Mojo said:
    This event is only for legendary players.  Either that or give everyone the one round win cards.  Game has become unplayable.  

    You're card collection is probably not at the level where you should be considering playing this event.

    Also, if you are not Platinum tier, even being able to complete it is probably not worth the entry fee - a post analysing this is available, I think here:

    Basically, the analysis there shows that unless you're a Platinum player fanatical about accumulating mana jewels, don't waste your crystals.

    This is in contrast to Rising Tensions (and Across Ixalan, when it turns up), which is extremely good value at every tier.

    I am a Platinum player, and I generally eschew TotP,  as I find it a dumping ground for broken decks which have a wearying sameness to them, varying only in minor details (One or two of the same six cards will be encountered, with differing garnish).

    I save my crystals for cards, and suggest you do too.

    PS: If the analysis posted above has been rendered incorrect by changes made with time, would one of the event enthusiasts point this out?
  • GregDreherGregDreher Posts: 99 Match Maker
    Definitely agree that TotP is only for platinum players with large collections that can create unfair decks.

    At platinum, you are effectively paying 30 crystals for 20 jewels and a pack, which is a pretty good deal for the time investment, but you have to win consistently (like 8 out of 9 times, preferrably regularly winning by Turn 6 to avoid the enraged/supercharged bonuses).

    When I play, it's typically only white and red nodes (Ajani Vengeant, Hazoret's Undying Fury, Deploy the Gatewatch, Emrakul, pig) and blue node (Saheeli, Baral, Avaricious Dragon, Harness the Storm, boomship).
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