Locked cover caused by extra covers in the cache

I've had a recent bonanza of covers come to me (more than I could handle). I moved issues from my cache to my collection one by one, keeping the useless issues until last.

Now I had 14 covers filling 15 slots (one open) with three covers in the cache. I got a new Iron Man Ultra-Freon Beam cover that I can use and went into the open slot but I cannot use it to level up my Iron Man (UFB at 3). It says that I've reached the power cap level. Do the powers top out at 5/5/3?


  • IceIX
    IceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,847 Site Admin
    Correct, cover abilities max out at 13. The extra cover can either be sold for Iso or used as the base for a new character that you would like to spec differently.