Enhanced daughter vs. Stoned Father

qandolsqandols Posts: 713 Critical Contributor
Ok, champed Nebula. Got out her blue quickly in a nice and comfy spot. It healed her the entire match, also with help of her Yara support. Got off lots of red and green attacks that slowly nibbled Thanos down. LT was a RHulk champ cover. And a BH Domino red cover. The RHulk champ reward was another LT that gave me another Domino red cover. She is now 3/4/4. Good times!


  • St_BernadusSt_Bernadus Posts: 212 Tile Toppler
    I have the standard Nebula: fully covered, level 209. Took me 3 tries. First try, he kept getting purple and that really messed me up, plus I threw down my blue repeater foolishly and it got matched away almost immediately. Still< i got enough green and red to whittle him down...but not enough.
    2nd try I really tried to deny purple hard, but then a bunch cascaded to him and of course he had gotten the green so that fired off on me as well.
    3rd try, still denying purple and gathering green as I much as I could, it went a lot better. The blue actually put out a strike before getting matched and I waited for my red before using green (as you must using Nebula) so I had quite a lot by the time I used green. Then lots of attack tiles and finally ahead on health I could get him down without issue.
    But this is a tricky one.
    (Token to hoard)
  • KGBKGB Posts: 726 Critical Contributor
    3/3/4 L209 Nebula.

    I won on my first try with <500 health left using no boosts (wanted to try it 1 time before I boosted). I got Blue out early (only healing for 600 which isn't much but helps) and it remained there the whole game since he doesn't try for Blue. Managed to cast Red 3 times and Green once (as a finisher).

    Otherwise rest of match was just denying purple and green to Thanos as much as possible. He got his Green CD placed once but was matched away easily (by himself) and his Purple twice.

    I actually was sure I was going to lose because at one point he had 10K health to my 4K but just match damage and some extra strikes from Red and attacks from Blue whittled him down. So you can essentially match damage him to death with an under covered Nebula if you get Blue out early and it survives.

  • thechairmanthechairman Posts: 123 Tile Toppler
    Took 4 tries I think with an unboosted L 209 3/2/5 Nebula. Match 1 I just played casual, firing off skills as I got them and got bit by his green countdown in a corner. Match 2 he got an absurd amount of match 5s and crushed me on match damage. Match 3 I focused in with a blue/purple heavy board, but had bad luck on my repeater placement, and couldn't collect enough damage AP. Had some less unfortunate luck on the 4th try and won handily with a ton of attack tiles.

    Got my first CM 5* cover. We'll see how long my willpower will hold out to start a hoard.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,179 Chairperson of the Boards
    4/5/4 Lvl210. I was able to get blue out early and keep it around, then mostly focused on denying purple. The one time he managed to use Infinite Power, he matched it away immediately, which was lucky. Got the red into green combo off a few turns later, and then a couple more turns of Attack tile damage finished him off.
    Token waiting for Hela.
  • PuceMoosePuceMoose Posts: 1,201 Chairperson of the Boards
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    I was surprised that I managed to win this one on my first try with a 168 2/3/3 Nebula! The board was a sea of green, red, and purple, with almost no black or blue in sight. I took a lot of damage when he cast his purple, but luckily he never got enough green to break out the big gun. I waited to cast red until I could cast it twice, and waited until I had 12 green. Those extra attack tiles helped quite a bit to whittle him down. I boosted +2 all AP, +60% match damage. I managed to cast blue the turn before I won, so it didn't do anything, but at least I got to see the cool animation.
    My reward was a champ level for Red Hulk
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 3,017 Chairperson of the Boards
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    2/1/4 lvl 152 Nebula - first time out Nebula had a bad school report and so Dad grounded her (lost badly). 2nd time Neb's boosted green, red and blue and did her chores but Dad found out that she had got 2 parking tickets the week before and took it out of her allowance ( he got his purple on the board and blocked my healing). So by the third time, Nebula had the right hump and brought along a lvl 100 Vintage shield. It looked like it would be another round to Daddy but then at last she got her blue out for some healing and got two reds fired and then a green, there were attack tiles pumping out 1000 damage per round but it was pretty tight...then he got his purple countdown out...bigger...however he obviously decided Neb's had been punished enough as he immediately matched it! My attack tiles finished the job and was left with 795 health, thank you Vintage shield! Toughest one for a while that was.
  • Pwuz_Pwuz_ Posts: 1,167 Chairperson of the Boards
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    This was one of the first DDQ in a long time that I didn’t steamroll right over.

    Current Build:  2/2/1, Level 111, Yaro Root Support Rank 1 Level 50.

    Boosts Used:  Power Boost 100% Match Damage All, Stockpile +2 to All AP, Stockpile +2 to Blue & Purple.

    5th attempt.

    Realizing after previous runs that getting out a Warped Enhancements ASAP is essential with only 6555 health.  At the beginning let Thanos have anything he wanted so I could get my blue.  After that it was all Purple Green defense.

    Even when given the chance to take out my blue tile, he’d ignore it for basically any other match.

    Next he got off Green, which was scary considering it was down to 1 with nothing green nearby to match it with.  Across the board his move lined up four for a line clear to prevent it from resolving.  Things were going well at this point and I finally got his health under mine.

    Then he got a crazy cascade which left him with enough AP to cast purple next round.  With just a little over 1000 health left at this point I was in trouble if he got even two matches next round.

    I cast what I had left of Red (previously had saved till I was ready to cast Green), made my match and waited for Death.

    He cast purple which landed on the only spot on the board it could have matched, matched it himself with no additional matches/casscade, leaving me with less than 200 health but enough of my own tiles on the board that he didn’t get another turn.

    Token for Blue Wiccan which adds another champion level.
  • froggerjohnfroggerjohn Posts: 254 Mover and Shaker
    At 5/3/5 level 209, this wasn't very hard, but still lost the first fight because I not only played poorly, but fired the red when Thanos had his purple out. Wasn't paying attention.

    2nd try, I took +2 AP boosts for r/y and g/b. Also used a 5* Sharon Carter, which definitely helped on the damage side of things, but don't think it was critical to success.

    Board had almost no blue, and although I did manage to fire it at the very end, the fight was actually over before it counted down even once.

    I denied purple, and was gifted a fair amount of red and green so that the combo was an immediate kill.

    Token hoarded.
  • ZootSaxZootSax Posts: 1,633 Chairperson of the Boards
    I purchased the HfH deal on Nebula, which allowed me to champion her.  So she was Lv270 4/4/5 going into this one with no boosts.  I had no luck denying Thanos from getting purple (he got it off 2-3 times, but once matched the countdown almost immediately and the other two did nothing more than delay me), but better at denying green.  I got the blue repeater out relatively early and while his purple denied it's full use, it at least kept Nebula's health up until I got enough red & green for that combo to carry the day.   Having never really used Nebula much, I was surprised how much I enjoyed her crash.  I'm not sure how regularly I'd use her going forward, but it's more likely now than it was before she was champed.

    The LT gave me a Rogue champ level, bringing her to Lv274.
  • TarelgethTarelgeth Posts: 26 Just Dropped In
    This is probably "cheating", but.  0/2/2, level 106.  Support equipped, Chewie, 200 4*.

    A support that activates when the supported character does something is really strong when there's only the one character.  48% on every match to create a 350 attack tile.  Play defensively and let the fists do all the work.

    Let nobody ever say that supports aren't worth it.
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 3,017 Chairperson of the Boards
    Tarelgeth said:
    This is probably "cheating", but.  0/2/2, level 106.  Support equipped, Chewie, 200 4*.

    A support that activates when the supported character does something is really strong when there's only the one character.  48% on every match to create a 350 attack tile.  Play defensively and let the fists do all the work.

    Let nobody ever say that supports aren't worth it.
    Not cheating at all, sounds like smart play. I only won this one thanks to a Support too.
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