Exactly how does Soft Capping work, and 5* Dr. Strange

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So I am happily in 4* land with no desire (yet) to move up to 5*.  However, I recently managed to get 5* Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) to 2-1-5, and that 5 yellow has me thinking...

I've never done any "soft capping", and am not exactly sure how it works with 5*.  I'm wondering if I could put some ISO into him in order to speed up PvE events.

I'd have two goals:
1) To not in ANY WAY impact my MMR.  The goal here would be purely to make PvE faster - I don't want to impact my PvP AT ALL, as I"m at a good place in PvP and it makes the game fun.

2) To actually speed up PvE.  Is there a chart that says how much Dr. Strange's yellow would do at 5 covers and whatever level is "safe" for soft capping?  My 3* Dr. Strange is maxed so does 2114 damage when an enemy fires a power.  I'd want the 5* to do enough damage more to make it worth doing this, on top of any additional match damage from being 5*.

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  • Rod5
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    It depends on how high your 4*s are really.

    PvP MMR understanding tends to be anecdotal, but the general rule from memory is that you can go to about 360 before you start to be visible to the bigger rosters.

  • TPF Alexis
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    A more flexible guideline is that you don't want to level any 5* past where your 4* get to when they're Boosted.
    I'm not aware of a specific list of power damage by level, but at a rough estimate, I'd guess he'll probably overtake your Strang3 at about Lvl300 or so, which should be totally safe to level him to.
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    I'd be wary of leveling him much past 300 (or where ever your top 3 4* champs are) because it won't affect boosted PvP but it most definitely *will* affect Shield Sim where there is no boost.

    Incidentally, I think you need to be in the 340 range before 5* Strange exceeds 3* Strange's yellow. However the 5* match damage from 5* Strange more than makes up for it.

  • Vog
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    Thanks to all of you for the feedback.  Interesting thought on Shield Simulator.  My top 4* are at the 284-285 level, so boosting him up to a high enough level to be useful in PvE might impact Shield Sim which probably isn't worth it.  Hmm.

    Thanks again,

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    I have a 5/2/1 Thor sitting at level 330 and he is generally fine. As I tend to use him at half health in PvP he isn't a million miles away from Strange's health pool and I find I can normally get away with 4-5 matches before he is squished, obviously depending on who the enemy is.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    Might be worth pointing out that 5trange's Flames of the Faltine trades the minor burst healing for an active yellow - even with the match damage you may find that has an effect on his survivability compared to Strang3
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    If I remember, 3* strange maxed out actually has higher damage until you put a decent amount of levels into 5* strange, don't remember the exact level the damage from 5* becomes higher but I think it has been posted on the forums here somewhere before
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    My 2 cents: It is way more valuable to put iso into Okoye to make 3* Strange hit harder. If that's an option anyways. 5* strange even seems weak sometimes without Okoye to help.
    As far as MMR goes, you said you have a maxed 3*, so presumably you have more than one. In pvp they get boosted to over 370, so I always use that as my benchmark.