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Where's the magik

It just seems that when prowler and bishop came out we had at least 2 piggyback event pve's that featured both characters one being the placement award and the other being the progressive. Since magiks been out nothing. What gives?


  • skittledaddyskittledaddy Posts: 441 Mover and Shaker
    Perhaps it's because, in general, he like her. We want her.
    If we all collectively agree to pretend to hate her as much as, say, Emma, then they'd shove her down our throat. 

    Who's in?...
  • FelizFeliz Posts: 115 Tile Toppler
    In that case I HATE her bad
  • MissoesRicRoseMissoesRicRose Posts: 205 Tile Toppler
    Not to mention that when they released Dazzler, a lot came out.
  • FelizFeliz Posts: 115 Tile Toppler
    Not to mention that when they released Dazzler, a lot came out.
    'Cause they knew she was rubbish when they made her ;)
  • MissoesRicRoseMissoesRicRose Posts: 205 Tile Toppler
    No event is giving Magik or Talos. So how do I get them?
  • jameshjamesh Posts: 1,512 Chairperson of the Boards
    You can set them as your bonus hero and open heroic or legendary tokens.  Unless you really want to play them right now, you're probably best off waiting until any of them are required for SHIELD Training though.
  • bluewolfbluewolf Posts: 3,806 Chairperson of the Boards
    It’s been a month since we had anyone who wasn’t a Vintage 4.  Not since Talos was released. 

    Could be Endgame throwing off the schedule. 
  • St_BernadusSt_Bernadus Posts: 238 Tile Toppler
    We shall see when we get the placement rewards for the event after Ultron (with New Character as progression reward). My bet is it will be Magik...but I have been wrong over and over for a while now.
  • StormDragonE55StormDragonE55 Posts: 15 Just Dropped In
    Thanks guys!!  Every since this was posted I pulled 3 covers for her.

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