Collection of Visual Aid Off errors

Posting this as I'm sure there will be plenty of similar cases, but thought it makes sense to consolidate instances of the Visual Aid Off setting not bypassing the animations.  Mods, if it is more appropriate to list these errors individually, please close this thread.

For example: Jace Unraveler's ultimate still runs through each individual buff when playing Day's Undoing - each card draw posted the +2/+2 buff to each of my creatures separately.


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    Also, the loyalty gain from Huatli Green's first ability still takes the full amount of time.  I think this is hilarious because this is the very reason we wanted sped up animations in the first place.
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    Ajani's Welcome posts each +2 life on every creature entering the battlefield (such as a stack of tokens), which means each token appears individually.

    Similar for Path of Discovery, each token still explores individually.  I'm not sure there is a workaround on this one, as each gem change almost has to be processed in sequence as each explore mechanic has a binary outcome (match or no match) that almost can't be batched together.

    EDIT: Tokens in general may still be an issue.  Spore Swarm and Saproling Migration still post each token individually rather than just moving the whole stack on board at once.
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    I find the game really jerky since going to fast mode. The animations and the game play aren't smooth anymore. A bit like those really old black and white films. 
  • TherosTheros Posts: 490 Mover and Shaker
    I was also hoping the update speeds up or eliminate hualty 2 1st ability animation and that of path of discovery
  • DologanDologan Posts: 145 Tile Toppler
    Not a bug as such, but it would be good to have visual aid for opponent spells regardless of seeings, particularly removal, as otherwise there is no way of knowing what hit you, no matter how veteran and well versed in the cards you are!
  • TheDude1TheDude1 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    Bumping this for reference/additions given the potential impact of the timer introduced with 3.3
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