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Is it worth trying to BH a 4/1/1 RBG?



  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker
    And right before RBG is due, they decide to insert War Machine...
    ...and Coulson...
    ...and Carol...

    Sometimes the game devs just conspire against me.

  • Daredevil217
    Daredevil217 Posts: 3,405 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thanks for the note. I spent my HP hoard on the HfH with the RBG cover, so not enough left to get a reasonable chance on this one.

    Ended up not buying the last cover for 100CP, which felt like the "correct" choice.
    First time I get a #11 placement, I'll probably curse that decision.  :)
    It's all good though.
    That was indeed the correct choice (IMO). Just keep them as your bonus hero.  If you pull more blue, that’s just champ levels later, and you’ll want your Grocket as fat as possible anyway. 

    I’m not a big fan of “shortcuts” in games like this. And no, I don’t mean spending money. That’s fine. I mean not having a 2* farm so you can roster higher tier characters, or leaping into the 5* tier with only 15 4* champs. I think a big mistake people make is focusing only on the goal, getting there as quick as possible, then having a rough time because they can’t sustain where they are at. 

    This game is absolutely a marathon and the reality is a level 270 grocket with 5 yellow will not be some huge leap over your level 250 with 4 yellow.  Better? Absolutely.  But it won’t catapult you into a new stratosphere of rewards. Just keep staying the course and know it will come. You are doing the right thing! Patience is one of the most important factors to getting the greatest ROI with your resources. I know some say “I hate hoarding, it’s boring!” And that’s absolutely okay. For them the immediate gratification is more important than more or bigger rewards later.  But when something like “Favorite Legends” or messed up token odds (favoring the player) pops up, those who saved benefit. 
  • Dormammu
    Dormammu Posts: 3,531 Chairperson of the Boards
    @Daredevil217 I wish I could 'Like' your post above a thousand times. Very well said.
  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker
    Thanks Daredevil, agreed, excellent post.

    While I'll admit to having some natural degree of impatience, I'd also like to think that I'm keeping the long game in mind, and trying to find what's optimal. Some of these decisions come down to leverage and efficiency, as much as just a "shortcut". Or at least, that's the criteria by which I'm usually trying to evaluate them, including RBG.

    Spending resources at the right time and place, when those resources improve the engine needed to generate more resources, can actually be a net positive. The RBG cover may well be one of those examples.

    RBG with 3 yellow covers is not yet to the point where that's my fastest option, so I'm not even using them except on trivial nodes to ensure 1-match clears with Thanos. Thus, that one extra cover is the difference between being able to use them, versus America/5e, and that may well translate to a different reward tier.

    I find that I'm typically on the bubble between being about to make t5 versus t10 in regular PvE, or t10 for release events -- just barely made #10 for Magik, and missed Namor for example. So if RBG tips the balance, it could yield an extra 4* cover each such event.

    It will also save iso, since if I'm not using America/5e, I won't bother to level my 5e to 270, and I can put that into more of my 4s.

    Depending upon how long it takes to get RBG covered naturally, the extra rewards obtainable during that interim period may or may not add up to 80 CP worth of benefits. Obviously, the longer it takes, the more likely I would have been better off buying the cover. And I'm not really sure where the tradeoff point is.

    Ultimately, the expectation is that it won't take too much longer, and thus, not a drastic difference in lost potential.
    I think if I had had a 5/2/5, I would have bought the cover without a second thought, and pretty confident that it would have been the 'correct' choice there too. 

  • jtsings
    jtsings Posts: 278 Mover and Shaker
       Considering it seems like you follow the forums quite regularly, you probably already know, but in case you don't, the next PVP will be offering a yellow R&G cover for progression.
  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker
    Thanks for the heads-up! As soon as I saw the green/blue placement rewards in Carol's PvP, I realized the yellow progression would be next. I really thought this would take several months, so either I got super lucky, and/or my time scales are off due to being further into the game.

    In any case, the wait is almost over, and as always, I thank you guys for the support and advice.

    Since it looks like I'll have him champed before 5Carol enters Latest, I'll have the option to move my 4BH to the next target.

    I think I'm pretty well committed to the first few options:

    4/5/3 Valkyrie (Only one cover away, and a great partner for both C4rol and America)
    0/5/4 Gamora (The most important partner for RBG. A lousy start, and I'll probably stop as soon as I get 5 blue)
    3/4/5 Nico (Buffing my new RBG strikes for wave nodes)

    From there, it gets a bit more nebulous. And maybe things will change by then anyway. But the candidates might be:

    5/3/3 Wasp (I really like her with C4rol, and I'm close to another cover from 3* champ rewards)
    4/2/2 Coulson (New addition to the list. Had never played him, but was cool in the recent PvP)
    3/4/3 Rogue (Niche usage, but REALLY good in that niche)
    3/4/5 Teen Jean (Honestly, I don't know what's good about her, but she gets mentioned on occasion, and I only need one cover)

    Here's where I'm at now.
  • Dormammu
    Dormammu Posts: 3,531 Chairperson of the Boards
    Teen Jean (Honestly, I don't know what's good about her, but she gets mentioned on occasion, and I only need one cover)
    Teen Jean still has it. While expensive, her two AoE attacks are among the best in the business. She just needs feeders. You'll appreciate her greatly the next time the Apocalypse boss event runs (where she and Switch are always boosted), as she'll enable you to take out the Horseman tiles with ease via purple.
  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,814 Chairperson of the Boards
    You might be better off going for Yondu than Gamora if you want a partner for R&G. He needs one more cover, but 3/1/4 is significantly easier to build from than 0/5/4.
    All seven that you have listed there are solid options, tho.
  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker
    I think when I get the 5th Gamora blue, I have the best parts of her kit anyway. She'll be low-level and low-health, but the stun is the real value, and if strikes are getting buffed, then the lower starting damage won't hurt that much either.

    I was thinking of the 2/3/4 Star-Lord as an alternate Guardian.

    Just pulled a W4sp black from the event vault, so at 5/3/4, I can now finish her from Vision's champ rewards.
    Need 10 more covers from the 3BH.
  • Quebbster
    Quebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards

    Rogue is up next as a PvP reward, I Think the progression cover will be yellow. She's a good deterrent but not the fastest character by any means.

    Also, it's Worth noting that Teen Jean has two feeders - Angel and Beast. I see both are about 20 covers away from dropping a Purple cover which would finish her. Purple is her big draw, so I can see why you don't Think she's impressive yet. You will get her finished soon enough though so it is probably better to focus on the fourstars without feeders.

    I approve of Valkyrie as the first choice though.

  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker
    Thanks for the additional notes.

    My Teen Jean comment was very poorly written, and not meant to be a dis.
    I simply meant that I had no experience with her at all, so didn't know how to evaluate whether she would be a good addition. Thanks for pointing out the feeders, which totally makes sense to finish her that way and use the 4BH elsewhere.

    Also pulled a Wasp black from the event vault, so I can finish her as well from Vision's champ rewards.
    I picked up the R&G in the PvP, and a lucky 4BH Valkyrie from a Heroic, so I'm on to Gamora. So far, another lucky 4BH red there too, so now 1/5/4.

    One question about Valkyrie:

    I played Women of Marvel with C4rol/Medusa/Valkyrie, and found her amazing. First real experience playing her, albeit still at level 209.

    My question, is that if I champ her, it looks like the damage thresholds for the passives scale up drastically (at least when boosted), so they won't trigger as often. And that might actually hurt the huge success factor that I found with her. (I could trigger Bounty pretty much every move, as it is now). I get that the red will do a lot better, but that's a lot of AP, and I rarely had enough for that anyway before the fight was over. So I'm kind of hesitant to pull the trigger now, even though I have the 13 covers. Are the benefits really worth it?
  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,814 Chairperson of the Boards
    Even when Valkyrie is boosted, she's nice with or against Grocket teams, and once you get some Strikes out, her boosted red is just insane. She does often work better off her boost weeks, tho, hanging in the back as a support character.
  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 356 Mover and Shaker
    Well, the game gave me the opportunity to whale Gamora, and I took it. One lucky cover, a H4H, and a LVL6 pack later, and Gamora is champed.

    Also got my final cover for Wasp, and just enough iso to champ both her and Valkyrie.


    Looking at my other options for the 4BH, I've tentatively assigned it to my 4/2/2 Coulson.

    The 4/4/4 Rogue and 3/4/5 Teen Jean will be finished eventually from champ rewards.
    I already have 5 purple in my 3/4/5 Nico, so the champ difference isn't huge. (And I'm out of iso anyway).

    There are some other 4*s I'd like to have as well, but they're even further away:
    1/1/4 Cloak & Dagger
    3/2/1 Iceman

    I put the 3BH on Gamora to get my 5th yellow for St4r-Lord.
    After that, I'll move to Beast to finish Teen Jean.
  • jtsings
    jtsings Posts: 278 Mover and Shaker
       Of the options you have, I would say I personally use Iceman the most; even when he's not boosted.  When he's boosted (or even when not) pair him with Vulture and he can give Iceman enough AP to pretty much single-handedly dismantle the opposing team.  His five turn stun for 6 AP is still one of the best in the game.
  • DAZ0273
    DAZ0273 Posts: 6,318 Chairperson of the Boards
    Both Iceman and Cloak & Dagger are pretty great. If you are a PvE player then Cloak & Dagger can take the heavy loads especially when boosted as they have that passive true healing and can also get rid of pesky enemy specials and generate their own, all on top of free AP. Iceman for reasons jsings says above. As you already have  a cheap stunner in Gamora champed I might edge towards C&D as they have everything else APART from a stun.
  • helix72
    helix72 Posts: 924 Critical Contributor
    How am I now just seeing this thread that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a playable character?

    I'm imagining her power set is akin to She-Hulk's or Daredevil, being in the attorney family. Speaking of which, why is there no "Lawyer" tag, similar to "Guardians" or "X-Men"?

    "Gavel of Fury"
    "Docket Rocket"
    "No Chance of Appeal"
  • TPF Alexis
    TPF Alexis Posts: 3,814 Chairperson of the Boards
    helix72 said:
    How am I now just seeing this thread that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a playable character?

    I'm imagining her power set is akin to She-Hulk's or Daredevil, being in the attorney family. Speaking of which, why is there no "Lawyer" tag, similar to "Guardians" or "X-Men"?

    "Gavel of Fury"
    "Docket Rocket"
    "No Chance of Appeal"
    That's what I think every time I see that abbreviation XD
  • ThaRoadWarrior
    ThaRoadWarrior Posts: 7,600 Chairperson of the Boards
    Iceman has a feeder, so you could park your 4* BH on C&D and park your 3* BH on Mystique to cover both options. Just a thought.