Angel's Embrace

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"Nothing says you care like humiliating your opponents in battle! Spread the love in this Red-only Planeswalkers event."
Special Rules: Each match is Supercharged, granting 2x Mana Bonus to both you and your opponent.
Event Type: PvP
Deck Restrictions: Legacy
Planeswalkers Allowedmanaredpng
Rewards: Progression
Number of Nodes: 2 ( manaredpng)
Initial Charges: 3
Max Charges per Node: 5
Recharge Time: 8 hours


manaredpng Red Nodes
  • Win The Fight!
    • Win the fight against your opponent!
    • Reward: 250 Mana Runes, +5 Personal Score


    Post your questions and strategies for this event below!


    • fiirst
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      thanks for the detail, very appreciate.

    • Tremayne
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      I requested info on this event, so thank you for providing it.