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MPQ: What can each Character powers do? (Visual guide)



  • VoldVold Posts: 165 Tile Toppler

    Deadpool vs Deadpool, add Mags to the mix
  • VoldVold Posts: 165 Tile Toppler

    Loki's Feign Death is fun :)
  • VoldVold Posts: 165 Tile Toppler

    Been busy with another addictive game like Bleach: Brave Souls. which I mentioned in the latest MPQ survey.

    Maybe can introduce an auto mode for the game... Let the AI play simple lvls so all we do is pick the right characters we think can win without thinking. Can help bypass many simple lvls while we do real life stuff. :)

  • VoldVold Posts: 165 Tile Toppler
    Happy New Year everyone. :smile:

    been away for a while... didn't get to do much so i'm just adding in a quickie. :wink:

    Quicksilver: Pietro Maximoff

    So many new characters so little time.
  • VoldVold Posts: 165 Tile Toppler
    edited February 7


    Me. Fantastic: New and old powers
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