MPQ: What can each Character powers do? (Visual guide)



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    This is probably old news by now, but since 

    I just got my first Matt Murdock cover (Green)
    and I'm already loving it so far. I would like to share my thoughts on this

    Personally, after experimenting with crazy ideas, I find it to be very effective even with just one cover.
    You can:
    1. Use as an Attack Tile for 5 rounds before disappearing.

    2. You match it to gain 5-8 Green AP back.

    3. Enemy match and get hit by 2290-4030 damage and a new counter will replace it, Counter will refresh to 5x round.

    4. Destroying the tile is considered as matching by the enemy.
    Random hit by (Thunder clap, Unstoppable crash, Lightning strikes, Hex Bolt?, etc.)
    Precision strikes (pistols, snipers, Rogue Punch?, Kingpin Nudge?, Gwen's Sploits?, etc.)
    4x matches.

    5. If destroyed by (tile destroying powers) it'll trigger like an enemy match. We can trigger more then 2x CD with the right skills, inflicting huge multiple damages

    How do we destroy the tile?

    If Cyclops (Classic) can target green tiles, that will be so cool...
    5x5 chance of hitting it...

    **** Green vs *** Red
    1. Green tile can be activated by 4x match strike.
    Red used to be able to do that but not anymore...
    2. Green's enemy matches will still create a new Countdown (CD)
    Red's enemy matches will permanently remove it after effect.
    3. Your match will gain AP back like *** Blue. So it's a mix of two skills in one.
    4. If no one can match it, it'll still do damage to the enemy like an Attack Tile

    1. You can make multiple Green CDs tiles but if all are destroyed, only 1x will be recreated, not all of them.
    2. 3x AP more required then it's Red counterpart

    This is a sneak peak for Matt's power list video which sadly won't come any time soon.
    for I don't have a fully upgraded Matt or the story mode does not let us try him out with 5x3x5 skills...

    So here's a small vid for all those waiting for the full video. :)

    This shows 3x main ways of using this skill.
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    The only ** character to inflict much harm to 5x * characters

    What happens when there's 4x Criticals and the next matches still retain that 4x Criticals? another 13k damage???

    Gambit's Stacked Deck has changed

    Spanking Kamala. ;)

    Daken (Classic)
    The old Daken, I show more on his healing
    In this one, I show him dying from his drug addiction.
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    Colossus Tossing Thanos

    Hawkeye and all he's quiver glory

    Doctor Octopus
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    It's sad I got characters ready but can't put it up because I don't have either their cover or unlocking scene. :(
    No covers because i got them from versus or event prizes...
    Only unlocking I don't have is the Hulk Buster... Oo
    Means I have to waste one cover just to record that. :(
    Waiting for Covers:
    • Cyclops (Classic)
    • Hulk Buster [Cover & unlock]
    • Jean Grey
    • Vulture

    What do you think? for covers only, should I compromise with just showing a regular cover scene from the bio page?
    Or it's a must to get the cover scene?
    What do you think as the viewers?
    If ur fine with regular cover scene, i can get three more up there soon.

    Iron Fist, the Immortal Weapon

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    Sam Wilson

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    Vulture (Adrian Toomes)
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    The second last 2x ** character I got...
    Bagman is the last and you know how long it takes to champ him...

    America Chavez and her Multiversal kick!

    Rocket & Groot Vol 2
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    The Invisible Woman

    The Devil Dinosaur

    Yondu (a.k.a. Marry Poppins)
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    Wolverine (Patch)


    Blade (Daywalker)
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    Jean Grey & Draw, the countdown tiles destroyers
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    Moon Knight, been looking for his cover scene for a long time...
    Found one somewhere in my harddisk all this time, lol

    Night Crawler

    MPQ Stories:

    I'll be posting this under the Power list on page 1.
    On the 2nd post (re-edited)

    I'm trying to compile the stories using the characters depicted in the story as much as possible.
    Also trying to see if i can arrange them according to the timeline, if any exists. :D

    Any assisstance in arranging them is welcome. :)

    The Prologue can't be replayed, so I can't use the proper characters for the role.
    been trying to find a way to do this, but last time i meddled with two accounts, I nearly lost my entire roster.
    Thankfully D3Go manage to restore it even though the data was deleted on my side. :o

    So far, These are the only completed re-cast play I've got.

    Prodigal Son
    - This should be after the Hulk Story, because they talk how they lost recruiting the Hulk

    Thick as Theves
    - This is before Magneto aided the Avengers and before Wolverine got kidnapped by the Hand

    Heart of Darkness
    - This is after the Hand had kidnapped Wolverine
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    Sandman (Flint Marko)

    Rocket & Groot (Most Wanted)

    Storm (Mohawk)

    Professor X (Charles Xavier)

    The Hulk (The Main Event)
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    Worst Animation but nice (Kinetic Shield - Chain Reaction)

    Black Widow Infinity War - 1v3
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    Been trying to get Cyclops Classic to record the cover shot... but no luck

    i do have 5x 5*
    any suggestions which two I should roster?

    Black Widow (black)
    Dr Strange (Blue)
    Silver Surfer (black)
    Spiderman (Red)
    Black Panther (Red)

    oh and just added
    Sam Wilson (Captain America)

    Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff)

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    Finally, got Cyclops Classic cover shot...

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    Thanks to the free cover reward of "Cloak & Dagger"
    I was finally able to finish their video. :)
    Unfortunately the show is not available in West Australia yet :(

    or am I missing something?

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    Can make Baby Groot run infinite laps.

    Miles Morales

    Bit dissapointing, All this does is punch, make strike tiles by damaging itself (like Sentry) & create red tiles out of greens & protection tiles...
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    This is nifty and lets those who have the animations turned off get a peek. Nice work!
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    Black Panther (T’Challa)

    War Machine (James Rhodes)
    ** Magneto + **** War Machine + ***** Hawkeye
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    So that's where Spidey got that back flip move :)

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