The Eldrazi Desolation: Official Thread

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The Eldrazi Desolation

(At Level 60)
+0 manawhitepng | +2 manabluepng | +2 manablackpng | +2 manaredpng | +1 managreenpng 
118 HP
Creatures: 6 | Supports: 6 | Spells: 7

"The Eldrazi were inscrutable entities of the Blind Eternities, able to travel between planes to devour worlds. Unable to defeat the titans, the ancient Planeswalkers used Zendikar's hedrons to lure, contain, and immobilize them. They remained trapped in stasis and hidden for millennia until younger Planeswalkers inadvertently released them."


Scions of Desolation - Cost 9
Level 1 - Target non-colorless creature gets -1/-1. Create an Eldrazi Scion Token.
Level 2 - ...creature gets -2/-2.
Level 3 - Create 2 Eldrazi Scion Tokens.
Level 4 - ...creatures gets -3/-3. Create 3 Eldrazi Scion Tokens. 

Ulamog's Consumption - Cost 12
Level 1 - Ingest 2, then your opponent exiles the last card of their hand.
Level 2 - Ingest 4, then...
Level 3 - ...exiles the last 2 cards from their hand.
Level 4 - Ingest 6, then...

Kozilek's Distortion - Cost 15
Level 1 - Process 3: Your opponent loses 10 life, then move the first card from your opponent's exile to your hand.
Level 2 - your hand. It gains half of its mana.
Level 3 - ...then move the first 2 cards...with half of their mana.
Level 4 - ...opponent's exile to your hand with full mana.


Eldrazi Scion
(Colorless) Creature - Eldrazi Scion (1/1). Defender.
When this creature is Destroyed, you gain mana equal to this creature's Power times 3.


  • NinjaENinjaE Posts: 213 Tile Toppler
    I passed on this due to not having enough runes to level it. Did I miss out on anything big?
  • GilgaladGilgalad Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
    How much does it costs?
  • BigSwiftyBigSwifty Posts: 98 Match Maker
    NinjaE said:
    I passed on this due to not having enough runes to level it. Did I miss out on anything big?
    Ditto. Bolas1 and Bolas2 are worth the effot. ED just isn't. I'd get it if it were dual cost to level though.
  • LaeuftbeidirLaeuftbeidir Posts: 1,839 Chairperson of the Boards
    I must revise my initial opinion.
    I made a full tribal deck for Ted, focusing on skions and devoid. Although being slow at the beginning, he went 1/15 so far, which is a very good average for legacy TG. His widespread mana gains let you net higher than the opponent, so he is a solid mid-range walker. Also, he benefits a lot by the cards released with him so I burnt a lot of currency. I tagged his tribal deck as favorite, from Wednesday on you can always access it via my profile in Tormented (all time top 5,so you can actually see it)
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