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How to counter kitty/grocket/bishop in 5* land?



  • tph_jamestph_james Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    0_efx_0 said:
    tph_james said:
    0_efx_0 said:
    Still can be stun locked by bishop pretty early  
    Oh try! BSSM/Kraven/Vulture
    Still off season, can't try in Shield sim 
  • tph_jamestph_james Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    GrimSkald said:

    With Thorkoye I can get Gritty's strikes down below the threshold by turn 3 about half the time - once you destroy enough strikes Gritty just spins their wheels ineffectively.  The other half of the time it sucks, I'm afraid, and when you can't get it below the threshold at all (which is pretty rare, I'll admit,) you can't win unless you can take Kitty down quickly.  Fighting Gritty is risky, but you can usually win just by taking out as many strikes as possible - that's your priority.

    Bishop changes that equation, I'm sure, by absorbing the tile destruction and converting it to blue.  He might die too quickly to use it, though, I'll try it out next time I see it in SIM and let you know how it goes.

    Yeah.. Kitty/grocket is not a problem to deal with..  Bishop is   
  • HilkHilk Posts: 95 Match Maker
    and seed win 3 black.

    match black
    vulture goes up and starts generating blue and green
    BSSM is not impacted by strikes
    match the strikes and more black
    stun and BSSM goes invisible... 
    loki takes all the hits, but if he dies, just match the trap and revive him,

    use loki’s purple for damage if needed.
    Otherwise, just keep flying and stunning.

    it is not quick, but is effective... 

    ok ok on defense, it’s weakness is AOE attacks.
  • BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 2,284 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited January 16
    tph_james said:
    Moderator probably enjoys playing with this combo at the moment . .the less people know, the better .   :pensive:
    Didn't really make sense to move this post while the other post which is also discussing kitty/grocket counter tactic still floating high in general discussion board.
    Because that thread was started by MKC Hammer.

    U can't touch this.
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