Another 5* question

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I think I’m ready to make the leap to 5* land so I can play cl9 pve for better progression rewards. 

I have 4 fully covered 5* characters: OML, Okoye, IM46 and Hawkeye. 

Also have JJ, Beardcap and Thanos at 12 covers. 

I don’t play play much PvP - maybe to 200 per event plus I play Simulator to get to 2k. 

Who should I start with to level up? I don’t have enough ISO to do all the above. 
I was thinking Okoye and Thanos first along with OML to save on health paks. 
4* are all pretty much champed with the exception of the newbies from Iron Spider on. 

Advice appreciated. 


  • frederec
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    A few things.  5* Thanos doesn't play well with Okoye.  His stun nullifies the extra damage you would like her to add to court death.  That being said, a high-level Thanos can definitely speed up PVE times (I played with a level 420 Thanos for a while and he definitely helped).

    While Okoye is considered one of the most powerful characters in the game, she's very weak on her own.  She shines as a support - most commonly with Thor but also with others like Jessica Jones.  That being said, she can do some fun things with the right 4* (like Blade, Medusa, or Deadpool), so might be good as a transitioner.  She should probably be your priority if you're out to champ a 5*.

    As for the others - I don't have OML champed, so I can't speak from personal experience, but while he will help you save on healthpacks, he's not terribly fast.  He can pump out stikes in conjunction with other characters, but not sure how useful that is with your group.

    I'm a huge fan of 5* Hawkeye, especially paired with Agent Coulson, and in sim with Shuri as well.  That is NOT a fast team, but it's a ton of fun, and can topple some otherwise powerful groups.  With Shuri in the mix you get cost reduction AND the potential to stun lock the enemy team.  I love it.  Again, not PVP competitive or fast, but so much fun.

    IM46 is...there.  There isn't really anything special about him.  He's not bad, but he doesn't do anything to make him extra valuable if you're wanting to make the jump.  The board shake from his blue can kick a lot of butt if it generates some good critical tiles.
  • Dormammu
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    Based on what you play, I would suggest champing Okoye. She's going to speed up your PvE clear times which is useful even if you don't play PvE competitively (less grind). Doing so will put you in a weird PvP limbo, with other players who have one 5-star champed, that isn't too challenging, but you'll feel like you need to use Okoye all the time. In the Sim you can use her with Drax and XFD to slaughter your way to 2000 points in no time flat against other 5-star teams, which is nice.

    I feel like OML is making a comeback since his nerf as so many of the recent 5-star releases play with strikes and special tiles and he gets them out pretty easy. I see him in PvP a lot more these days on some pretty effective teams.

    Thanos is probably a solid choice, but as @frederec mentioned, 3-star Thanos is a much better partner for Okoye.

    I don't know much about Iron Man or Hawkeye as 5-star characters, but Lumbercap isn't much good unless you really need to do a tinykitty load of damage to one guy - so he has some uses in boss events I guess. But JJ is a high performance 5-star who excels at creating a steady damage output.
  • CT1888
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    Something else to consider - you could raise up Thanos, stay at the same CL you currently play in but kill everyone faster so you have spare time, then champ Okoye and bring up JJ to play in pvp up to 650 points with the extra time, which may net you more rewards overall. 

    I ran Okoye / JJ for a few months to I got Thor champed and they are a solid team. 

    Oml after that to run with Thanos.

    Out of curiosity, how many covers did Thanos have in black? 
  • Wil88
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    Out of curiosity, how many covers did Thanos have in black? 
    He’s at 5 covers in black. 

    So far I have champed Okoye only and am finding my pve clear in cl9 taking less time than I used to do in cl8 (possibly because Medusa is boosted).

  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I don't think the Medusa boost is the cause, the base damage on whatever Wakanda Forever! is stacking on is almost irrelevant. Even at lvl 300, my Okoye is adding 409 damage per team up AP in the bank. A single team up match more than doubles the damage my lvl 290 medusa is doing with Entanglement per turn. One assumes it's even better champed.
  • CT1888
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    Thanos/Grocket/a Guardian is obscenely fast at lower CLs. Admittedly I run mine with a high level Grocket and champed 5tarlord, but in a recent run in 7 every match was won within 3 moves. In 8, majority were 5 or less except the 5* node.
    If you can cope with the health packs, it is savage.
  • SMZ210
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    As good as Okoye is, many 5* tier teams combo her w 5Thor & without him it's gonna be very tough, especially since Kitty Pride/Shafowcat release she is possibly the BEST 5* & tough to beat without a fully covered & Champed Blac Suit Spidey or Loki5*. Good Luck.