PVP: Time to make some changes



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    @Brigby I know that this may technically fit here, but this sub-forum spells death for any and all discussion on the listed topic since it is at the bottom of the forum listing, has fewer postings than the alliance thread of all things, and is more of a one-off comment box for the devs if they ever read it. 

    The topic at hand is an important one and should elicit some real debate and input for the future of this part of the  game, which in my opinion and that of many others has grown incredibly stale after 5 years as one of only two regular game modes that looks about the same now as it did when I started playing. 

    Please reconsider this placement @Malcrof unless you feel that Rockett only meant this as a post-it note on the devs' door 

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    Baking: I agree with you on this, but how would you suggest this be done away with? The thing is we can't control which trio any particular player uses.
    One node, reduce the skip tax.

    Failing that my fav option which they would never do is remove names from pvp. Remove all alliance rewards and scoring and greatly increase the pvp rewards.

    I tolerate pvp as I play S1 to 1000 in the last 3 hours with thor okoye. A small piece of me dies every day in shame that I do play that boring rubbish. I agree it's in need to refresh both in terms of play and rewards.
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    1. Burying this in another section of the forums does all users a disservice. You know and can easily verified how little of the overall user base sees posts outside of general. Making moving posts from general: archaic and just not smart. Unless general outreach is outside of the goal of the moderators.

    In fact you have the technology that general conversations can be link from other section of the forum. (See how announcements are linked in one area yet show up in general) So clearly you can be organized and have an open dialogue with the users. 

    2. On the topic of PvP, I agree. It is getting stale. The point and win system, they don't appeal to me and those like me. Five years of pairing you best two with random is getting less and less fun. I don't even play for placement anymore, I put in 40 mins every two days and shield out 1200+. Hoping for as quick and done as possible. Eventually I won't do that. 

    There are enough characters now that we can start enjoying team affiliation PvPs both limited (only those teams) and boosted (affiliations boosted). 
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