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KLD and AER Elite Packs

ZW2007-ZW2007- Posts: 781 Critical Contributor
Will we ever see these elite packs again? I feel like it's literally been years since one was in the vault.


  • James13James13 Posts: 610 Critical Contributor
    I think we might.  They are rotating through Amonkhet again currently!  Which had also been MIA till now.  I'm holding jewels just for the chance at them.
  • TherosTheros Posts: 453 Mover and Shaker
    Why not make all elite available instead of rotating them?

  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 2,500 Chairperson of the Boards
    Theros said:
    Why not make all elite available instead of rotating them?

    Probably the same reasons all walkers aren't available at all times.

    There are a lot of them (a cluttered vault isn't great)
    They make more money this way (since if you want one you may have to buy currency before it rotates)
  • IM_CARLOSIM_CARLOS Posts: 550 Critical Contributor
    Yeah maybe, but it take really a while until next rotation of this week rotation. That's really annoying. At least they have three elite pack now. But why not make legacy MP craftable.

    Still missing 34 MP now ...
  • Tilwin90Tilwin90 Posts: 638 Critical Contributor
    I was discussing this just yesterday. Personally I am not a fan of the KLD masterpieces for more than collecting. 
    Given the current status of legacy (highly combo oriented, VERY fast), I can see only a handful of them having VERY narrow applications (if any, in competitive matches):
    - Platinum Angel - interesting in those take X or less damage objectives, but I'm curious how many people who actually own it use it in this direction
    - Ornithopter - cheap aggro creature available in all colors
    - Lotus Petal - support Dark Ritual, though Ritual is superior in combo decks most of the times (unless you are restricted from playing spells)
    - Black Vise - creatureless win conditions in all colors, though very very slow!

    The maybes (hence "I would never play them in competitive matches" but maybe have some fun with them) include:
    - Sword of Body & Mind - maybe useful in a Teferi knights deck of some sort, though to be honest I am not that impressed by the effect.
    - Vedalken Shackles - very slow creature steal available in all colors
    - Arcbound Ravager - fun to try to break, I'd be shocked to actually see it be THAT relevant - no evasion, no trampling, no removal resistance, no haste. 

    At this point I would find no applicability for:
    - Chrome Mox (check Rupture Spire)
    - Gauntlet of Power/Champion's Helm/Lightning Greaves - they were always underwhelming
    - All other Swords - I already own War&Peace and it's extremely extremely slow! Thanks but no thanks
    - Sundering Titan - I already have much better big scary creatures with better effects (This is no pig or emrakul).
    - Wurmcoil Engine - same issue as Sundering Titan. It used to be powerful in Standard, nowadays it's meh in legacy.
    - Mind's Eye - superb in paper magic, meh in MTGPQ
    - Defense Grid - heck, I rarely use Overwhelming Splendor in decks that allow playing it anyway. Nothing escapes cascades.
    - Mox Opal - How many of you actually play As Foretold nowadays anyway?
  • ManiiNamesManiiNames Posts: 212 Tile Toppler
    I currently use Mind’s Eye in my Ob deck, but mostly because Alhamarrets is broken.  Mind’s is nice but it only has two shields so is very fragile.  Pretty hilarious when you make your opponent discard their whole hand and draw a new one though, as you also draw a full hand and do amazing amounts of damage.
  • IM_CARLOSIM_CARLOS Posts: 550 Critical Contributor
    Okay if not craftable, but obtainable. Of you already have all but, lets say 5 MP out of one set, regular booster are not a real option.

    Another point: legacy card are only usable in half of events. Why they coat the same in elite pack? 

    Option: Put every Legacy Rare/Mystic/MP at a cost of 120/400. We don't have to wait for so long time. Reduce cost because of limited usability would be nice. 

    I am in Endgame mode and it's hard enough to cummulate jewels. But it's another story if  you have to wait half a year to get a (real) chance. 
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