4* DDQ: Dancing Queen vs Raccoon & Tree

BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 1,971 Chairperson of the Boards
Tough one for my lv229 5/3/3 Dazzler. Took me 5 tries with +2 all AP, +40% all match damage, +100% crit

The winning attempt, I let R4G get their Green countdown out while hoarding Red and Green AP. Fortuitously, when the Countdown was at 1 I managed to line it up in a Green match-3. So I used Red (twice) and immediately matched away the Countdown, triggering Survivor which stunned R4G for 4 turns. Then used Dazzler’s Green before match-damaging the Guardians to death

LT for the 5* Carol hoard (or at least the next 5*, due to debut in 3 weeks)


  • jameshjamesh Posts: 1,600 Chairperson of the Boards
    I beat it on my second try using my level 209 2/5/5 Dazzler.  I was too high a level / not enough black covers to get the stun to trigger off the strike tiles.
    I managed to cast the red/green combo which cut down half of Rocket's life.  He cast his green, which I matched away leaving me with 500 health and Rocket stunned.  I was able to finish him off while stunned via match damage with the help of my strike tiles.
  • TeamStewieTeamStewie Posts: 357 Mover and Shaker
    My 155 level 209 Dazzler managed to finish him off with 4 AP left.
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,831 Chairperson of the Boards
    3/3/3 Lvl 188 Dazzler is not Stayin' Alive so far. I might have to try more boosts.

    This one is tough.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,813 Chairperson of the Boards
    Champed Dazzler got lucky with a red-heavy board and sent the boys packing in no time. Never even took enough damage to trigger Survivor.
    Token was a Kraven champ level, but came with a bonus cover for Bishop, bringing him to 9.
    As a side note, I feel like StarLord could have also made for an interesting fight here, and would really go in on the dance-off aspect ;)
  • thechairmanthechairman Posts: 123 Tile Toppler
    3/3/5 level 209 Dazzler got through with little issue thanks in part to a blue light board. Managed to hoard Red/Green for a double dip of Dancing, then let loose the Sounds. Had a couple rounds of match damage to finish them off.

    Purple Prowler to 2/2/1, already has eclipsed Bishop and Domino in total covers. :s
  • bbiglerbbigler Posts: 1,400 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited January 2019
    Champed Dazzler here with Level 200 Shuri's Lab and Red/Green AP boosts: started by matching away the Strikes and then collecting red and green and blue.  Grocket managed to fire off his Blue and Green once.  It took a while for me to get enough Red to fire off Dazzler's Red and Green, but after that, the match was over.  I think Dazzler ended with half health.  First try.
  • qandolsqandols Posts: 927 Critical Contributor
    ursopro said:
    I think I overkill the rabbit

    Ha ha, hilarious. I wont even try with my under covered and under leveled Dazzler. 
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,831 Chairperson of the Boards
    ursopro said:
    I think I overkill the rabbit

    Ha! Now Rabbit knows how it feels to be on the end of stabby death!

    Can I borrow your Dazzler?
  • PuceMoosePuceMoose Posts: 1,398 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited January 2019
    Well, I went through a bunch of tacos (172 to be exact) to get the green Dazzler out of my taco vault, bringing my Dazzler up to 1/2/4, level 152. So far I've had no luck (four tries so far), and, in a frustrating fashion, I've done worse each time (on the fourth attempt, I didn't even manage to get R&G below 10,000 health, such were the cascades. On the bright side, my cat got to learn quite a few new bad words and insults aimed specifically at cheating raccoons and trees). That's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes though, so I'll give it another shot tomorrow with fresh eyes and see how it goes.

    Ooooh that dirty varmint! On my fourth try I got R&G down to SIXTY HP before dying.

    Fifth try: Victory! I attached a level 150 Shuri's lab to my level 152 Dazzler, and went in with +2 red, +2 green, and +40% match damage. It was a very close match - I was down to less than 300 health, and R&G still had two strike tiles buried in corners.
  • froggerjohnfroggerjohn Posts: 346 Mover and Shaker
    I ended up champing Dazzler for this, so hope I don't need the iso in the near future.
    Waited until I had enough AP to fire red + 2x green, which was enough for bbq raccoon.
  • LoosieLoosie Posts: 345 Mover and Shaker
    My dazzler is 1/1/2 lvl 94. I'm not even going to attempt this one.
  • wingXwingX Posts: 229 Tile Toppler
    Managed to win using lv168 Dazzler after around 4 tries at 2/4/2 with +2Yellow and Red AP, +50% Green and Black Damage, + 60% Match damage, with Dazzler 1/4 health left.

  • qandolsqandols Posts: 927 Critical Contributor
    edited January 2019
    wingX said:
    Managed to win using lv168 Dazzler after around 4 tries at 2/4/2 with +2Yellow and Red AP, +50% Green and Black Damage, + 60% Match damage, with Dazzler 1/4 health left.

    I can get her (3/3/3) up to level 188. I think I will give it a go.

    Edit: It worked, started out a little slow, but I managed to match nearly all of wabbit's stwikes. Then I had a lucky stwike of red charged tiles from her support and a cascade. Down ze hole ze wabbit goes. LT was a IW champ level Yay...
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