Big Bads

I had a problem with my smatphone. It was crashing constantly and I had to back up several times of the game so as not to lose my progress. But that's no problem with the game.
The doubt is that in doing the backups, I realized that in "Big Bads" the game is programmed to ALWAYS give me the following rosters: Deadpool; Coulson and Jean Gray.
If this is correct, I would like a clarification on the question of the percentage chance of getting a 5 * character.


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    Pulls are static, in every token type.
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    Bowgentle said:
    Pulls are static, in every token type.
    While technically correct, this isn't the whole story.  The real answer is more akin to buying a pack of Magic the Gathering cards or baseball cards.  Sure you have the unopened packs and the contents of those packs are random, but it doesn't matter when you open them, the contents do not change.


    In MPQ's sense... there is some wiggle room as the tokens don't have the cover directly stored in them, but instead a random number so that when you open said token, it uses that number on the current store to determine what cover (or prize) you receive.  MPG has 2 types of draws: Vaults and Non-Vaults.  Both have a finite number of options, the difference is that Vaults are pulled without replacement and Non-Vaults have replacement.  What does that mean:

    Let's say you have 4 tokens.  Those tokens have already have a number assigned to them using a Psuedo-Random number generator (Computer Science term for what is essentially a random number).  Let's say those numbers are: 321, 4, 169078, and 99692.

    In a Vault, you will open the first token (#321).  The vault will start at the first reward and count the remaining rewards until it reaches yours.  If the vault reaches the end before your reward, it wraps around to the beginning.  Once it finds your reward, you get it and the game removes that reward from the vault.  When you open the second token (#4), it starts at the first available prize and counts until it reaches the 4th one left.  The next token will start counting and wrapping around until it hits 169078, and so on...

    This means that if you get 2 tokens that get the same random number (let's say #2).  The first one will give you the 2nd prize in the vault.  When you open the second token, you will get the 3rd prize in the vault (prize 1, skip prize 2 because it's already been won, award prize 3).  Vaults are designed so that will enough pulls, you will be guaranteed to get whichever reward in that vault you wanted... but you cna only get it once.

    For non-vaults, they are laid out the same way, only you don't get to see the exact reward structure, just the odds.  They can do this because there is replacement in the prizes.  Each token pull is utterly independent of previous pulls.  A token assigned #2 will always give you the second cover.  It doesn't care if you've won that reward already.  Here, you are subject to randomness that can mean dry spells where you never pull the card you want or lucky streaks where you get it multiple times.


    When you open a token has no bearing on what that token's value was.  However, if you stash them until the vault/non-vault changes it's rewards, the number it was may have placed a different cover in that tokens' number.
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