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More Stories

Please, add more stories to the story mode, especially based on Ravnica.
Ravnica has a great story arc that may be drawn from to design the matches.


  • EvilDeadEvilDead Posts: 92 Match Maker

    We need more story mode plus I think if you're using a PW that hasn't participated in that Story yet they should be able to reap the full rewards from the objectives to help level new PWs.
  • starfallstarfall Posts: 178 Tile Toppler
  • LordDorwinLordDorwin Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Hear, hear! We could do with far more description and narration, especially for events.

    Paper Magic cards have a brief description or piece of information printed on them in italics, which gives a bit of information about the creature/place/spell the card represents.  This could easily be included on the virtual cards and would already be an improvement on the status quo.

    These short descriptions are occasionally used as event level introductions.  Frankly, that's just lazy.  Put the card text on the card itself and write a more detailed commentary.

    BTW, some matches in certain events make less than no sense.  Why fight Ajani in Revolt Against the Consulate, when he helps Gideon in the story?  That is just pointless.  In fact, it is never explained throughout the event who is revolting against the consulate, and why this is happening!

    And this is just one example.  The OP is right, much more storyline please!  Not everyone who plays this game plays the tabletop version too.
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