Make Supports Easier

At first I was excited about supports as it was the first real game changer since DDP in my opinion.  Then once it launched, I thought it was a waste.  Given some time, I have realized that they are quite amazing.  The problem is two fold...

1. Supports are way too hard to get.  Even if you buy out a vault, which is hard enough, the likelihood of getting either new ones, or higher level ones than you have is minimal.

2. Certain supports, like the infinity stones, are frankly near impossible to get, let alone level up.

Can we please do something to actually make these more a part of the game>


  • DrlexDrlex Posts: 97 Match Maker
    I agree that the supports need to be addressed. I was a lucky person and managed to get 2 5*s early. I have maxed them out and they are great. I can win any crash now with lvl 70 characters. They certainly help in PVE. But like what has been said, they are to hard to get, let alone level up.

    They definitely need to make them more available. I say open the floodgates. Then when they do that, they need to provide a way to raise the *s.

    It was suggested by someone (I don’t remember who), that they set it up so that once the * is determined that it then gives you one of the supports that you don’t currently have at that level. If you have them all then it gives you a duplicate. I personally love this idea.

    But to give options I will throw another idea out there. Put a tracker in the supports and when you pull 3 of that support (or 5 if they really make them available) then it automatically ranks up to the next * until they reach 5* then it gives the duplicate amount.
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