Joyous Life - New Alliance is Recruiting!

Karob73Karob73 Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
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Joyous Life is a new alliance that is recruiting members!  

We are seeking active, daily players (for daily bonus purposes).  Our only "requirement" is that players commit to playing the alliance team events in PvE to the best of their abilities (i.e., we understand that if you are a newer player, you might not have all of the required characters).  The more effort we all put into in these events, the more rewards we all win.  And we all love to win rewards, right?  

!No roster requirements!  Our alliance currently has members that have been playing MPQ for years, as well as some who have been playing for a few months.  Long-time players and new players are all welcome, the idea being that we will advance in the game together as an alliance over time.

If you are interested, please search us up in-game and go ahead and join!  Looking forward to seeing some new members!

Thanks, Karob73


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