Should I Spend 250CP on Bolt Cover?

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I'm a late 4* player with 40+ champed, 10+ covers for all the rest (mostly at L209 for Shield Training) other than last 3-4 released. I also have 2.9 million ISO and 45K HP if that matters.

I'm saving for the eventual 5* jump when there are 3 good characters worth chasing. At the moment I have approximately 180 LT's and 2700 CP.

My best covered 5* is Bolt at 5/3/2 (with 3 saved covers) and only 1 other 5* has more than 7 covers (Strange).

My question is should I drop the 250 CP on his Black cover that would take me to 5/4/2 (my Medusa feeder is only 285). I'm leaning toward doing this since it would take him to 11 covers and when I finally do bust my hoard to fully cover 3 5* in one go I could set Bolt as my 5* BH and hopefully get the 2 needed covers so I would then have 4 5* champs instead of 3.

So is he useful enough to spend the CP on in hopes of champing him when I do the 5* jump?



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    All that matters is Thor Okoye for PVP, Thanos for PVE.

    You can get bye without any other 5s.

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    Set Medusa as a favorite and get the covers that way instead. Bolt is decent still but he is by no means a must have character.
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    I definitely think you should buy the Black cover for 250 CP.  I'll explain why:
    1) Even though Thor & Okoye are the current meta, you can't obtain them anytime in the near future.  But you can win 5* PVP matches without them.  And you can get good PVE ranking without them.  So, focus on what you can do, which is champing a chosen set of Latest. 
    2) Black Bolt is useful because of his Black passive.  It accelerates your AP and starts dealing extra damage as well.  His green is just OK.  Having an extra 5* champ to formulate strategies is good.  In Shield Sim, he could battery other characters.  In PVP, he would need to pair well with another 5*.  Maybe Cable?  A future 5*?
    3) It will be a long time until you have the 250 CP deal again.  This is equivalent to 10 Latest pulls, which isn't a big deal when you're waiting an indefinite amount of time for a good group of 5*s in Latest.  You can talk to the forum user BlackBoltRocks, if you want his opinion on his usefulness. 

    If I were you, I would wait until 5*Loki leaves Latest and determine if 2 of the Latest 5*s work well together and could take down other 5* teams in PVP (or if 1 of them has great synergy with Bolt).  If that's true, then open the hoard and continue opening if needed to champ them.  You already have around 280 pulls.  By the time Loki leaves, you may have enough to champ them all in 1 go.  If you don't see any synergy, then wait for the next 5*.  But I wouldn't pass on Kitty Pryde, she's great in PVE and works well with Grocket and Thanos for quick clears. 
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    @OP:  Looks to me like you've already thought it through.  My question is, precisely what teams do you plan to use 5* Bolt in?

    As I see it, he's a bit RNG, a bit slow for his major hitting power, and his yellow is too situational.  It's not that he can't be nasty, like whatever use with 4* America Chavez or something, and sure he's going to be better than using NO 5*.

    But even though you have a bunch of covers for him, is just getting to 13 covers really enough?  250 CP isn't that much for a player that's committed to smart spending as you have, but if you are playing the long game, I'm not sure Bolt is quite good enough.

    But better ask other players that use 5* Black Bolt for their opinions, particularly ask them what teams they use him with.  I'm not a PvP expert so I wouldn't know.  All I would say for sure is before committing, best get some information, particularly what *specific* teams Black Bolt may be good on, then you can make a more informed decision for yourself.