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Heroes ForHire PVE Alliance

Watt14Watt14 Posts: 7 Just Dropped In

Our alliance "Heroes ForHire" is currently looking for a new member. we are mainly a PVE team that requires daily play and participation towards team events. We are looking to get max progression for the upcoming Civil War event like we have in the past which is why we have an opening. Anyone interested or that has questions please message me and we can get you answers or on the team.


  • Watt14Watt14 Posts: 7 Just Dropped In

    Here we are again looking for a new member. We are nearly a top 100 PVE team (missing one strong teammate) that puts our focus on PVE, although not discouraging PVP.

    Private alliance with requirements of daily play and full effort on team events. 

    If interested please message me or join "Heroes ForHire"

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