Did you notice something we didn't get?



  • StevO-J
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    First of all, great to hear some news on the subject of Supports even if it is just that not all new characters will get an individual Support.

    Looking back at the initial introduction of the feature, I think this also makes a lot more sense. Much more versatility if supports apply to a group like the Avengers, GotG or Villains, especially when it comes to the bonus perk. I think it's a little too early to write off the entire idea just yet, even if I get why people are not too enthused with the current state of Supports in general. I really hope this is a sign some things will be tweaked in the near future.
  • bluewolf
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    So another new character (Bishop), and the normally visible Support is not in game. They have been appearing at 7am EDT.  (With bundles popping at noon) Maybe he doesn’t get one either.
  • HoundofShadow
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    It seems the dev are focusing on how to rotate "new" supports into support store. 

  • nippy
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    Supports will only matter if you allow it in PvP... because lets face it, meta overpowers pve atm
  • Hilk
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    Perhaps they were to busy with the costumes...
  • fmftint
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    Hilk said:
    Perhaps they were to busy with the costumes...
    Nonsense! Different departments work on different aspects