Best 5BH for a 4* player?

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Current roster:

With 87 LTs, my current strategy is trying to get at least 1 cover in all the Latest 5*s. I have the current ones, so I'll pull again when the next character enters, stop when I get the newest (and may get scattered covers in the two older ones along the way).

I open Classics as soon as I get the CP.

I figure this will give me the 5e in most PvE events, and I can comfortably get t10 when that happens, using America/Hood/5e.

When I don't have the 5e, I figure that's an opportunity to relax a bit, and not worry about placement, so I'm not really concerned about the classic 5*s I don't have right now.

I figure there's two general thoughts about where to put the 5BH.
1. Start building up someone for the eventual transition
2. Pick someone that's usable with low covers to a 4* player 

I'm leaning towards the latter, partially because it's quicker payback, but also because the meta may well change before I get to 5* play (still a long ways off). Such as Gambit5, for example.

Seems like the set of 5s that are useful early-on should be pretty limited. JJ blue comes to mind, as does Okoye, but I haven't really looked at them too closely, so recommendations would be most welcome.


  • Dormammu
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    I think the 5-star meta is going to be stable for a while. I don't foresee any nerfs to Thor or Okoye and those two have really come to dominate the 5-star field. But there's more variety now, post-Gambit, and I see a lot of JJ, DD, Thanos, BP, Surfer, and OML as well. A stellar new 5-star might mix it up a bit but won't invalidate anything that exists now.

    If you want a 5-star that is useful to a 4-star player and can have an impact without being fully covered, look no further than Okoye - specifically her black covers and to a lesser extent her yellow true heal. She'd work really well with your champed Medusa and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better duo for PvE clears. Another option is Kitty (and her tile-buffing passive), but I don't think that's a good option for you until your 4-star Rocket & Groot is squared away.

    Two other options are Thor or Daredevil. Thor's green is pretty darn neat. Daredevil's yellow can be a bit trickier and isn't as useful until you have 5 covers, but still effective.

    If you want to slowly start building someone for your eventual 5-star transition, go with either Thor or Okoye. But honestly, you're just starting to scrape the surface of the 4-star tier and I think you should enjoy it and go with option #1 for your 5-star BH. The 4-star game is enjoyable and deep. Keep running your pull method with LTs and CPs until you have the bulk of the 4-star tier fully-covered and then worry about an entry strategy into the 5-star tier. It's going to be a while.
  • DAZ0273
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    Another option for use at lowe covers with a 4* is Star-Lord as a partner for R4G, I used him when I didn't have Gamora up to speed.
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    5*BH covers are rare (around 1 every 3 months), so trying to fully cover the best Classic 5* in the tier (Thor) would take a very, very long time.  I think you would be better served by BH'ing your missing 5*s for the sake of PVE.  When you have all 5*s rostered, I would recommend to hoard LT and CP until you can pull Latest 350+ times and champ a good trio of 5*s.  If you keep pulling as you are, then you may never reach 5* champs.  "Never" meaning a very, very long time (like many years away).  In 2 years, you would have all 5*s half-covered, but a few 5* champs is better than many half-covered ones. 

    Nevertheless, to answer your question, some half-covered/half-leveled 5*s that are useful while in 4* land are: Jessica, Okoye, Thor, Kitty, Thanos, Bolt, Strange, Hawkeye (IMO).
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I'm a 4* player pulling as I go out of latest and classic, and these are the 5* Characters I regularly use partially covered:

    Okoye (5/2/1) lvl 300 - As mentioned previously, you'd be hard pressed to find a better force multiplier if you have enough covers on black for Okoye. I run her with 3* Thanos/Strang3 if there are any goons on a node, otherwise I'll swap out Strang3 for Medusa (or Chavez if I'm feeling lucky). I use 3* thanos here because his non-stunner Court Death benefits offensively from Wakanda Forever! Thano5 stuns her before it works, so his will only benefit from strikes

    5* Lord (5/1/3) lvl 345- paired with 4ocket/Medusa and a 3* elemental gun perk to fortify the strikes and do mega match damage. This is not a strong defense team without the cheap stun, but it slays on offense typically

    Thano5 (5/0/2) lvl 345- I run him to blaze through easy nodes in story every day

    Panther (1/0/1) lvl 285 - paired with Thano5 for inexplicable thematic synergy, but undeniable mechanical synergy.for the longest time I just had a single red cover for him, and still used him for easy wave clears

    DareDevil (5/1/1) lvl 330 - Usually part of my Panthos fast-clear team, especially on easy wave nodes. Once he's down to half health he starts making 4ocket-sized strikes, so I'll sometimes pair him with Nico for a strong offense team in PVP until he dies

    Hawkeye (1/4/3) lvl 315 - I occasionally run him with C4rol/Coulson on longer/harder nodes, sometimes in PVP simulator if i'm early in my climb. Not something I do often, just when I remember, or one of them is boosted

  • froggerjohn
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    No expectations to "fully cover". More like just trying to see whether there are some interesting options for low-cover 5*s during my 4* tier play. It's at least a year, probably two, before I'll be ready to hoard for an entry to 5* play.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    That's kind of why I posted my coverage and levels, along with who I use them with. Hope it's helpful
  • Daredevil217
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    Like @TheRoadWarrior I'm also a 4* player.

    I use Thor (5/5/3, level 255) more than almost any character.  He actually works very well at low level because you want others to tank for him.  He is the best battery/board-shaker in the game because he does both passively and he can fuel any red/green/yellow users.  Problem is with one green cover (the one you want), you only get 2 AP per turn.  You only get 3 AP at 2-3 covers so he's probably not worth it.

    I would say go for Kitty who I foresee being my second most used character (currently 3/3/2 level 320).  The whole 4* meta is built around special tiles.  Having someone who can buff yours and remove theirs definitely has a place in the meta.  Plus she's in tokens currently so you may be able to get more than a few with luck.

    However, I strongly agree with just bonusing people you have not rostered.  The ability to access a 5* node for rewards is way more valuable than a 1-3 cover 5* (if you're lucky) who won't outperform your 4*.
  • DAZ0273
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    Daredevil217 makes a good point above - with just one 5* single cover you can clear the first two nodes of the 5e and get an event token and CP, worth it just for that alone.
  • froggerjohn
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    Point taken about the 5e nodes, but how often will a given classic 5* come up as a 5e? You get those extra rewards (and better placement) when it happens, but the current rotations that focus on 'Latest' make it seem like I'd only use that extra 5* maybe once a year. (So even picking up a few of those, is still just a few times a year).

    If there was someone I could leverage into my daily play, I could potentially get a lot more value out of that.

    I thought about Thanos, since I already have a 1/2/1 Panther, but it looks like it takes a number of covers before that outshines my Thanos3.

    Kitty would sure be useful. Hoping to get more of her covers when I pull for the next latest, but strongly considering her for the BH as well.

    Daredevil looks really nice, and I have a start at 1/0/1.

    Okoye was where I had it set so far, trying to get a yellow (or another black) to complement my 1/0/1.
  • Quebbster
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    Point taken about the 5e nodes, but how often will a given classic 5* come up as a 5e?

    Last rotation took around 6 months, this cycle should take longer since there are more Classic fivestars now. So yeah, once or twice a year probably.
  • DAZ0273
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    I only have her at a measly 0/1/1 but I think Kitty is great, very underrated.
  • Warbringa
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    JJ and Thor.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I thought about Thanos, since I already have a 1/2/1 Panther, but it looks like it takes a number of covers before that outshines my Thanos3.

    The reason to run Thano5 over 3anos is the addition of the stun that can trigger Panther to do Move or Be Moved, plus the match damage difference. You'd need to run the numbers yourself to see if it's worth it to you or not, but you can kill the weakest link, do CD damage and stun everybody that isn't thanos for a turn (or two), and as soon as it's your next turn Panther drops in with the claws and triggers it again if somebody gets knocked out. This is great on easy wave nodes where you can occasionally just kill one easy goon the hard way, and then watch the match finish itself.