Anyone finding the Nebula vs almost impossible to win ?

turbomooseturbomoose Posts: 513 Critical Contributor
I’m finding it very difficult to win in the latest vs game 

I’ve got level 420 5* characters and a quite high champed R4G so my win rate should be higher 

seems like the cascade settings are higher than usual for the AI


  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,531 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm actually seeing a ton of cascades today in everything I do. So far I've played DDQ, a PvE sub, and dabbled in shield sim. Seemingly every match I play has multiple large cascades. Most of what I am seeing is vertical match-4s clearing a column, resulting in second and third match-4s and match 5s falling into place. It's happening for both sides, me as well as the AI.

    Probably just coincidence on my end, or it only happened once and my mind is remembering that as 'every match'. But I did just download the new version patch before playing today...

  • Jesus JonesJesus Jones Posts: 182 Tile Toppler
    I am noticing that the cascades are high as well.  I know that they were reducing the number of continuous ones but I think they increased the frequency of them.
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,357 Chairperson of the Boards
    Confirmation bias is a tricky thing, clearly. :)
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,731 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited August 2018
    Nope, finding it easy like most launch 4* PvP.  #Thanos4Life #CourtingDeathLikeABoss
  • BugeyedBugeyed Posts: 52 Match Maker
    Yep easy as pi. Thanos and BP make it simple to beat anything in a new character versus
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,357 Chairperson of the Boards
    Eh. I got to 900 points in 28 win (new for me). Boosted Grocket and Star-Lord are pretty good in most matches.
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