5* leveling

Straycat Posts: 963 Critical Contributor
Would it be better to level a couple 5*s from 270 to 360, or from 360 to champ? I have DD, Thor and Gambit champed, so my pvp teams probably wouldn't change either way.

I have Dr Strange (5/3/5) and Archangel (3/5/5) at 360. I have IWCap (3/5/3) and Hawkeye (3/5/3) at 270. It takes about 300k to level each. Cap and Hawkeye don't really scale that well, but the health would help them. I don't think 2 more 5* champs would kill my MMR when I already have 3 champs, but I am a little hesitant to do it.


  • Dormammu
    Dormammu Posts: 3,531 Chairperson of the Boards
    If you have three 5-star champs you can stop worrying about MMR. It is what it is. Adding more 5-star champs shouldn't make it any worse. The only thing that will affect the PvP opponents you are seeing at this point is what level your two highest 5-stars are.