Artwork zoom

Can we have a setting to switch off the artwork zoom please ? Finding a place to tap a card that does something other than close it is becoming increasingly difficult. Thanks.


  • GregDreherGregDreher Posts: 97 Match Maker
    Artwork zoom is a completely unnecessary feature that changes the functionality of the game interface.  Previously, you tap on a card to zoom, and tap again to unzoom.  Now, it makes the art blow up, and it's annoying.
  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,619 Chairperson of the Boards
    The art zoom is a beautiful _great_ addition but the UI for it is very annoying in game...

    The biggest problem is just our habits, we are used to clicking in the middle cards to close them.

    I was thinking... How about just having zoom work from the top corners instead? People could still click like they always have, but the art feature would be there when wanted. (And, yes, sometimes you do want to look at an enemies card in the middle of a game!)

  • WolfteethWolfteeth Posts: 93 Match Maker
    I love it but I can see how people wouldn't like it, a switch would be good
  • hawkyh1hawkyh1 Posts: 780 Critical Contributor
    maybe have it as no artwork zoom during battles and
    allow zoom when looking up cards?

  • ReddMaxxReddMaxx Posts: 54 Match Maker
    This feature is one of the most annoying features to date.  This  is enough to make me quit.  It is nearly impossible to have an enjoyable game when you look at a card in game and either you have to un zoom art work or you get a pop up explaining how a ability works.  It has doubled the number of sceen touches in playing a game.  This need to be addressed in the next update.
  • HatterHatter Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    hawkyh1 said:
    maybe have it as no artwork zoom during battles and
    allow zoom when looking up cards?

    That is a great idea, zoom accept during battles, you have enough going on with out cards zooming in and out
  • FurksFurks Posts: 149 Tile Toppler
    Here's a ground breaking idea: pinch to zoom.

    This gesture is well established on touch devices and it would get rid of the annoying accidental zoom. 
  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,619 Chairperson of the Boards
    We also floated earlier the idea of a "magnifying glass" icon in the top right corner (floating off the edge of the card).

    I (and a few others) want it available in mid game too, but definitely not the way it currently is. it needs to be very very deliberately done.
  • Mark_TedinMark_Tedin Posts: 166 Tile Toppler

    I hope this is fixed in 2.8 update. I had many bugs because of this.
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