4* DDQ: Battle of the Pointy Things: Twin Sai vs Teeth and Katana

Steel_ColtSteel_Colt Posts: 263 Mover and Shaker
With a champed Elektra, this should have been a cakewalk. But some bad luck with traps, strikes and attack tiles had Blade coming out of battle victoriously. The first time that is.
Second time around my traps, cascades and strikes all hit Blade with a vengeance.
Finished with almost full health, token got me a 14th Black Panther without Iso to champ him. :/

Under-covered, under-leveled Elektra's should aim to keep red off the board until you have enough purple to steal his strikes. Then keep red low again. Luckily you can use red for your stealing trap tile, so you'll want to chase red anyway. 
Chase black, but keep it in your pocket if you can take some more hits. Use it to block Blade's black attack. 
Good luck!


  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,175 Chairperson of the Boards
    That was harder than it should have been for my Lvl 274 5/3/5 Elektra. Usual sort of reasons, he just kept cascading into everything he needed while I was stuck matching away blue and yellow. Still managed to pull it out on the first try, tho, with 564 health left, but I'm not entirely sure how.

    Token was a Jubilee champ level.
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,379 Chairperson of the Boards
    My level 282 5/3/5 Electra went down on my first try. It wasn't even close. On my second try Blade went down and that one wasn't close either. That's kind of how Electra is - feast or famine depending on the board.
  • TheHungryPetTheHungryPet Posts: 229 Tile Toppler
    edited July 2018
    First try w/o boosts for my level 126 (out of iso, don't laugh!) 5/4/2 Elektra. 
    Lucky board with lots of purple. Denied black at all cost and matched purple when available.

    Fired two purple, ballet of death and shadow step was the final nail in the coffin.

    Token to the mini hoard to chase that 13th JJ cover on Sunday before she leaves Latest. 
  • qandolsqandols Posts: 713 Critical Contributor
    Level 128 Elektra, wonderful board (unusual, I know) she could cast 2 blacks, 2 reds and one purple. A few matches later Blade is gone. LT was a Spider Woman champ-level.
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 3,017 Chairperson of the Boards
    Lvl 274 3/5/5 Elektra strolled it, I finished with 12k health left.
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,338 Chairperson of the Boards
    273 3/5/5; took longer than I'd have liked, spent half the match with practically no black or red tiles at all. Did eventually get there, LT yielded a Wiccan, I think.
  • MrKasadyMrKasady Posts: 74 Match Maker
    5/3/4 lvl 131 Elektra had it easy. Got a really neutral board with lots of greens, yellows and blues. Wasn't worried about green since that's Blade's passive so I just concentrated on keeping reds down and matching blacks & purples. Got a ballet trap out pretty early with a few shadow steps and Blade was a goner.

    LT was a red Miles bringing him to 2/5/3.
  • TeeTee Posts: 231 Tile Toppler
    Elektra is made for 1v1s like this. The only way that Blade can win is he gets good cascades and you're locked out of your colors for a very long time. Red steals colors to fuel your abilities. Black gives a ridiculous amount of damage block as well as damage to the enemy for sneezing at you. Purple is great when enemy strike tiles exist or when stockpiled to 14.
  • PuceMoosePuceMoose Posts: 1,201 Chairperson of the Boards
    My 273 3/5/5 Elektra had a good board, and took the blood sucker down without too much trouble. Once I landed a ballet tile in a corner it was pretty much over. My reward was a blue Yondu, bringing the Ravager to 3/3/5.
  • onecremonecrem Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    it is easy to beat the blade ,my 353 Elektra beat him with almost no pressure~
    mainly collect purple and black,leave the red to gain his passive if you can~then use the purple skill to adsorb the attack and loop it ,get the legendary token! good luck! Elektra 1 vs 1 is totally awesome!
  • Sim MayorSim Mayor Posts: 309 Mover and Shaker
    My 3/5/5 lvl 275 Elektra won on her first try, but it was definitely harder than it should have been. No matter how many red tiles I matched away, he never dropped below the threshold to stop generating strike tiles, and I spent so much time trying to get red off the board that I couldn't get any purple or black. I ended the fight with >5000 hp, but any fight you can walk away from is a win, right?

    Token got me a 13th cover for Spider-Gwen just in time for the SHIELD training, so yay synergy?
  • ZootSaxZootSax Posts: 1,632 Chairperson of the Boards
    My Lv276 5/3/5 Elektra won on the first attempt, due in no small part to a blue/green heavy board which let her dance a trap tile out before either of them could get more than 4-5 black or purple AP.  From there it was a matter of stealing his traps and watching him fall.

    Holding the LT to Monday to try and get a 5* Wasp.
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