Unable to fire Rag's Red skill for a turn

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I don't have the sequence of events exactly but I've seen this 2-3 times, Rag's Red AP will be sitting at 6/4 (I have six but only four are required for the ability) and it won't let me fire it. It's been in the 3* tourney and I'm running Rag(42), IM40(42), and Grey Widow(30). It seems to correspond with IM40's yellow countdown tiles, possibly when one of the tiles adds enough AP to "fill" both Rag's skills (Red and Green), but I'm not sure that's been the case every time that I've seen it.

I've recently grabbed another Rag Red cover from one of the standard packs from a lightning round and the AP required is now 3, I don't remember seeing it since the AP cost went down.

Not a major concern, my next turn, without gaining more red AP, I am able to fire the ability, but I just wanted to share it.


  • I've had this happen with other abilities as well after earning AP from Iron Man MK40s recharge skill. I think that skill is the issue.
  • I don't use IM40 but have seen it happen numerous times with my Spider Man and The Hood
  • Just had this happen with grey widow's Deceptive Tactics, 11/11 purple and wouldn't fire. IM40 was just stunned from his countdown tiles, if that's relevant. Seemed to unlock after I used Pistol, but hard to be sure since the match ended after that.
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    We've been able to pin down the issue with Iron Man (Model 40)'s Recharge and what you all are experiencing. We'll have this fixed in an upcoming Patch, but I don't believe we'll be able to roll it out server side.
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