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How about we get the same odds of cards drawn as the AI opponent.  Ive played matces this weekend like Azor where I did not see AoSS until turn 58.  Had another where I did not draw auch needed demolish until turn 50ish.  However most of the time the AI will draw the exact card needed.  It to the point to where I can predict most of the time what card will be drawn by the AI. 

I would ask for the fomula for cards drawn but I know we will never see it. 

This makes the matches too long to compete and it's conterproductive.  People who have IRL obligations get turned off. 

One match should not take an hour.


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    Something does seem screwy with card order recently. I'm not sure how much this affects the AI, but I kill Azor's Gateway with creatures, and he didn't hit me with a single kill or bounce spell until the fourth or fifth time I fought him (he has around three different ones). The main difference is that the AI charges spells last most of the time and never discards anything, so it's more likely to have a needed spell than a player most of the time.
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    I tracked the card draw for Bolas in only AI events. The result was that approximately 1-3 cards in your deck have a very low probability of being drawn, 1-3 cards have a high probability, and 4-5 have a relatively regular probability within drawing 20 cards of your deck. I dont remeber exactly but that was the gist of it. 

    I only did this for 5ish games? Because my card draw was all kinds of funky. I recorded the order in which the cards were drawn as well as the amounts. Not completely scientific but simple trends could be extrapolated. It just requires too much work though.

    Also reshuffling and other library manipulation cards like supreme will and such are kinda of wild cards. I have no idea what really happens. 
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