Node Description atop Pause Menu box

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The Problem: You are playing your favorite superhero-themed match-3 game, and ... DISTRACTION STRIKES!  It could have been the TV show in the background, or some notification you had to check out, or someone asking you to get something done around the house within the next ten minutes. Perhaps the device you were playing on suddenly started to ring, and show a photo of a friend or relative that you haven't spoken to in a while, so you answer ... and thirty minutes later you hang up, only to remember that you were in the middle of a game, because the Pause Menu is staring you in the face, offering you no clues as to what you were in the middle of. Story or Versus? Was it a survival node? If so, what wave were you on?

The Suggestion: Expand the Pause Menu box to provide a description of the node being played, and place the description above the Options & Retreat buttons. Description details could include the event name and/or sub-event name, the name of the node or name of the opponent in a Versus battle (I would not recommend the name button), and the current survival wave number & total waves when applicable.

The Result: Distracted players would suffer less from confusion, information would be displayed in a manner that looks clean & uses an existing part of the UI, and users of your game would spend more. (I have no hard data on that last part.)


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    Especially for Wave nodes. So many times have I gotten distracted, and it only takes a few seconds before you're back playing and then asking yourself, "How many waves were there? Which one am I up to?"

    So many times I save my AP to wreck the last wave only to see Victory! on downing the last opponent. Or using a nuke or two that I didn't really need to against a goon/non-tile mover, only to see I still have 1 more wave to go.

    Having a wave counter on the Pause screen would be an awesome feature.