Please explain Supports to me as if my comprehension is hit-and-miss.

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Or point me to a Q&A...I might figure it out that way, but I do not understand this Support idea.

Playing almost 2 years, about 15 4* Champs

Thank you.

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    Bullet-point version:
    • Supports attach to characters and give complementary abilities
    • They only attach to certain characters, depending on the affiliations of the character
    • There are five tiers of abilities, based on the rarity of the support
    • Each tier gives a new ability that you get in addition to the previous ones (so a 2* support has 2 abilities, a 5* has 5 abilities, etc.)
    • Some also have a special ability that only activates when the support is attached to a specific character
    • Better versions of supports replace the old version, so you can't have multiples of a support
    Basically, supports are small perks, rather than whole new powers. They should be considered bonuses to your strategy, but are probably not powerful enough to be considered a part of your strategy.

    Anyone else want to chime in with anything I missed?
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    In addition to the 5 Ranks for each support they have up to 250 levels. 
    Each rank unlocks 50 more levels, so 1* can be level 50, 2* level 100, 3* level 150, and so on.
    Increasing rank opens more abilities, increasing level makes the abilities stronger.
    To increase rank, you need to get a higher rank support from a token
    To increase level, you need to spend Red ISO-8.
    If you get a duplicate support, the lower ranked of the two is automatically sold for Red ISO.
    Any levels applied to the support stay on the one that you keep.
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    Additional notes:
    They (currently) only add the perks and changes for Story Mode. PVP is supposedly coming at some point.
    They can only be attached to characters of 3/4/5 star rarity.
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