Should I recruit Elektra or Quake?

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I currently have both of them on deck to recruit. Elektra has 7 days left and Quake has 10. I'm about 300 coins shy of a new spot to open up, so I'm wondering if I should get rid of someone on my roster and recruit one of those two, or if I should wait until I get my 300 coins and just recruit one then. Here's my current roster:



  • abominatrix
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    As in many things, there is no right answer. I do have opinions, though.

    Elektra and Quake are both classic 4*, so you aren't going to draw a whole bunch of them quickly (if one was latest, then that would be the one to use). In my opinion, Quake is better than Elektra, although Elektra is not the train-wreck she was before her re-work (so bottom-quarter instead of bottom-2). Where your roster is, I honestly wouldn't rush to roster either if you think you have another 4* coming in the near future (Black Panther, for example, if you can get the 4* progression from Hearts of Darkness). That said, you can't go wrong rostering single covers, you can always sell the toon if something better comes along.

    If I was going to sell anybody, I'd sell Bolt unless you need his match damage to win battles. You won't champ him for a long, long, long time, and you're better off rostering 4* than 5* where you are in development (and as above, if you have to choose, choose to roster latest 4* over classic ones). 

    Hope that helps!

  • Dormammu
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    You shouldn't roster either of them at this point. You need to roster all the 3-stars and focus on that tier so that you can stop relying on your 2-stars to win fights and start farming them. Farming 2-stars will gain you the HP needed to then start rostering the 4-stars.

    Also, stop putting iso into your 5-stars. Their match damage may look attractive but if you have any ambitions in PvP you'll start handicapping yourself by elevating your MMR (the matchmaking formula) into matches you can't possibly win.
  • Heartbreaksoup
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    I think that Quake's a lot of fun, but she doesn't do very much damage at lower levels. Mine's level 168, 3/2/3, and I had fun with her in Webbed Wonder.  I think she'd be very fun on an Inhuman team with Medusa and Lockjaw.  Unfortunately, we just blew past that great chance to win three Quake covers in the Thanos boss event.  If you recruit her now, you'll see her collecting cobwebs for a while, I expect.

    Elektra is a little easier to collect than most 4*s because both the 3* Daredevil and Elektra currently give her covers as rewards.  I'm guessing that you got the cover you have from the Daredevil that you now have at level 186?

    I think I would, if I were in your shoes, spend $5 on 600 coins so you'll have enough to recruit Elektra and enjoy a month of Iron Man's bonus rewards.  She won't be very usable for a while, but you'll get more covers for her a little more easily than Quake.  I agree with Abominatrix that she isn't a very good piece, but she's occasionally useful.  I enjoy her 3* version more, and play her in the Big Enchilada every so often, occasionally using her in the events with 3* Power Man and Iron Fist.  4* Elektra was an essential piece in Behemoth Burrito this very morning, so I'm glad I have her on the team.
  • pixiejazz
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    I use Black Bolt mostly for his move. It helps me power up the moves for my other two team members a lot faster, especially when I get the right colors.

    I use Thanos mostly for the harder to beat waves in story mode. I haven't sunk any ISO-8 into him, save for that one time back in early March when I got a second cover for him. So I'm not sinking ISO-8 into any 5* covers.

    Also, most of the time when I open tokens, I get either a 2* cover I already have and just continue to build on (all my 2* characters are champed), a 2* I don't really want/need/plan to use ever (like Storm or Daken), or a 4* character. I hardly ever get 3* covers, and when I do, it's usually someone I already have and can train up a bit more, which is what I've been trying to do. I haven't seen a new 3* cover in forever.

    My last few tokens I've opened (I've been saving some) have all been 4* covers. I now have Elektra, Quake, Howard the Duck, and Ant-Man waiting in the wings. I did sell Rogue (I hardly use her) and recruit 3* Black Widow, but she was unlocked via story mode, not a token.

    I'm leaning more towards Quake, only 'cause she seems harder to get, but I don't know. I'm 45 coins away from a new space. I do have 2* Wolverine maxed out and can't champ him anymore, so I could sell him for 125 coins, but I'm hoping he'll still feed 3* Wolverine (Patch).

    Thanks for the advice. I'll give it some thought and see what I want to do in the next few days.
  • TPF Alexis
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    Sell your 2* Wolverine. Then when you get more covers, roster, build, and re-Champ him, and you can cycle through all the Champ rewards again. "Farming" the 2* like this will be your most reliable source of HP and 3* covers for quite some time to come.
  • pixiejazz
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    I ended up selling off 2* Wolverine and recruiting both Quake and Elektra. Then I unlocked 3* Elektra, so I sold 4* Elektra and recruited 3* instead. Today I unlocked 2* Wolverine again. I also have Howard the Duck and Ant Man waiting in the wings. I'm at 180 coins currently, but all 3 covers have time, so we'll see what happens.
  • Heartbreaksoup
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    One thing to bear in mind: once your 2* hits 144, it's mostly useless unless you need it for a specific mission in DDQ or as an essential in a story, like Wolverine is needed in the current Honor Among Thieves event.

    With that in mind, as soon as the character is max champed at 144, go ahead and sell it.  Some 2* pieces are better than others, but it's not like I ever use them for anything other than DDQ or the required nodes in the story.  Moonstone's only good for giving you champ rewards.  Once she's maxed, start again and get more CP, Heroic tokens, and Hulk covers.

    (I've found that I can keep 11 of the 14 rostered.  Since I don't care about Bag-Man, he's never among them, so it's just 13 total.  Right now, I'm just stockpiling Storm and Miss Marvel covers until my highest rostered - Captain America - hits level 144.  Then I'll sell him and recruit Storm and already have about 9 or 10 of her 13 covers.

    It's certainly more efficient to have slots for all 13, but I don't have the extra 2000 HP floating around to do it, so this is my solution. ) 

    I think you'll enjoy 3* Elektra.  Her red power is great for her weight class.