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    Many of the updates from MPQ are usually meant for the long run: Bonus Hero, DDQ, 5* feeder, PvE changes, Support etc. Unfortunately, this forum has a number of players who are interested in only instant gratification. They are not interested in long term plan, but they want new things to satisfy their gratification immediately.

    If you look at the updates that MPQ have made since its inception, there have been many major updates. If you were to play MPQ after these major updates were made, you're not going to feel that there's any major update.
    i'm not sure i am understanding what you are saying here.  that you can't tell the difference between before and after major updates?  and that these previous updates did not have instant gratification???  
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    mexus said:
    mexus said:
    I consider myself a Veteran MPQ player (Day 1071), and a legitimate Gamer, at that. Not anything hardcore, just casual.

    Anyway, I play two other Android games regularly: Gems of War & Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. In the past few months (and in a month or so to come), each of these games is/has gone through significant updates.

    MPQ: Supports & Red ISO-8, a new 4 or 5 star every other week

    Gems of War: Pets, Doom Skulls, 2x new Guild Warish things (Invasion & Raid Boss), 1x new Individual Game (Bounty), Addition of various Orbs (as rewards), Various Character updates & introductions (weekly)

    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Updates & Perks, Ship Updates, 1x New Raid Boss, New Daily Events, Various Character updates & introductions

    *I am sure that I am forgetting some updates for the latter two, for the number of sheer updates they are performing*

    This struck me recently, as I played these games. Demiurge would do well to notice. They are getting left behind. Personally, I find myself putting more time into the other games, and struggling to fine a reason to play MPQ.
    I picked Gems of War up after a 2 year break and I have no idea what pets and doom skulls are. :( Help.
    It is an update that is coming up within a week or so. Pets is mainly cosmetic, w/a few supports. Doomskulls explode & provide +5 damage.
    Oh, OK. I'll keep looking for those. I'm not overly excited yet. :)
    However it's a very different game from when I used to play it 2 years ago. My favorite change is the animation speed-up X4. I do miss the crazy Monday hauls. Participating in my first Guild War now.
    I'm the same. Started back up, after a while, and was amazed at the attention to the players they give now. If you are looking for a good guild, ours is Chaotic Tide. It is full right now, but rotates a bit. The leader is very reasonable.
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    **Please keep the conversation related to MPQ. Thanks!**
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    I still play games that haven't updated in 20yrs.
    Those 20 year old games probably don't fancy themselves to be "live services" that would like you to continue spending money though.

    If a company wants a continuing revenue stream from customers, they need to offer something new.  Regular character releases help, but there is diminishing returns as the roster grows.  Every so often, you need something that shakes up play more drastically.

    Supports are obviously Demiurge's answer to this, but they feel pretty thin right now.  Even if we ignore their effectiveness, it feels like much less effort has been put into them than actual characters.  There's only one piece of art per support (and now we've got six new supports with essentially the same art).  There is no narrative description for any of the powers.  They have no animations to sell the story that they're helping out in the battle.  All up, it makes it hard to care.
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    Ducky said:
    **Please keep the conversation related to MPQ. Thanks!**
    Sorry. Just trying to be nice :smiley:
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    What was the last major improvement to the game as a whole? Not something that only helps some people... but a really good change? In my opinion, bonus heroes SHOULD have been, but the RNG/poor odds took that down to a “yay?”. For me, champing and shield ranking were the last ones that mattered... even though they made it worse with the XP changes IMO.

    Ddq update? Pfffft Needs more updating
    vaulting/unvaulting? We have been over this ad nauseam
    new pve events? Decent but nothing super awesome
    5* feeders only help some of us, SCL9 is underwhelming
    supports? I’m not super enthused but I will give it time to “get there”... even at its best, it’s not the change I would hope for

    So so for me, it’s been a LOOOOONG time since I said “wow this is awesome”, and more often than not I have been saying “meh, ok” or even worse, “that’s what they have been working on?!”